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The items you should avoid moving long distance in CO

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    Moving long-distance is a big task. And an expensive one at that. So when moving to another city or state you need to optimize your cargo. Therefore, there are certain items you should avoid moving a long distance in CO. While Colorado movers are able to transport just about anything, it’s not always a good idea. Some are simply too heavy to be affordable enough to move. While others are perishable and should be kept spent or thrown away before the move. 

    You should avoid moving large items long distance in CO

    It doesn’t matter if you are moving on your own or with the help of a moving company. Large items are simply not suited for long-distance transportation. If moving on your own, you will more than likely not have enough space for everything. And having to do multiple trips only to transport all of your furniture will end up costing you more than the furniture itself. Even with movers, some items are simply too expensive to move. One exception is when hiring commercial movers Denver to transport your work equipment. It’s usually much more expensive than an average appliance. So it will probably be more affordable to pay for transport costs. Then to sell and buy a new piece. 

    big furniture in the living room
    Moving big furniture can end up costing you a lot of money

    Bulky items are not something you should move

    There are many items that you should transport even long distances. But, there are other, bulky items that you should leave behind. It all comes down to the cost of transportation. With gas prices as they are, even when moving on your own, you’ll have to do some serious calculations. Some of the items that you should leave behind are:

    • Old furniture
    • Old appliances
    • Broken items
    • Cheap bulky items

    Antique furniture, for example, is a different story. As it’s generally much more valuable. But that run down sofa that you’ve meant to replace is certainly not worth moving. You’re probably better off buying a new one anyway.

    You should not be moving perishable items long distance in CO

    Summers can get very hot. So any type of food is definitely on the list of items you should avoid moving long distances in CO. But even when moving during the winter, transporting perishables can spell disaster. Most often than not, something will spoil and start to smell. Long-distance relocation can sometimes take days. And the smell can quickly spread to your other items. So avoid moving any type of food, including refrigerated and frozen food. Plants should also be avoided.  

    tomato and oil on the table
    You should avoid moving perishables long-distance

    Other items you should avoid moving a long distance in CO

    Aside from the obvious things, like food and cheap bulky items, there are also some other things that you should not take with you. Decluttering is very useful before a move. Not only does it save you money on moving costs. But it also allows you to start fresh from the clutter in your new apartment. So, anything that you don’t use or that is broken should be left behind. You can donate, sell, or throw them away. But taking them with you will only make your moving expenses higher. As well as clutter up your new home.

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