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The importance of moving company reviews

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Hiring a moving company in LA is a lot of work. You want to work with someone who will handle your belongings with great care and always keep their end of the bargain. The only way to make sure that happens is if you hire a reliable, suitable, and trustworthy moving company. But how do you find that kind of company? How can you know you’re hiring the best movers Los Angeles has to offer, the ones that will be punctual, reliable, and not too expensive before you see their work?

This is where moving company reviews come into play. Other people’s testimonials will show you what to expect from a certain company and help you avoid scammers. Want to learn more about the importance of moving company reviews? We at Los Angeles Transfer and Storage will do our best to explain why it’s equally important to read moving company reviews as well as to leave one after your move is over.

Reading moving company reviews will help you find a company that suits your needs

Looking for the best moving company means finding the one that’s the best for what you need. How you conduct the search will depend on the type of your move and the kind of moving services you need. When hiring a moving company, you want to know that they will know how to do the job properly. Of course, you can contact them and ask, but the only way to be sure they have the experience that they claim to have is by reading the moving company reviews. For example, if you’re moving internationally, you’ll be needing a company with lots of experience with that type of move. You’d want to find the best international moving company Los Angeles has by going through as many reviews as possible.

Hiring the first company that claims that they can handle it is always an option, but think about what you’ll be risking if that turns to be untrue. We at Los Angeles Transfer and Storage have years of experience with international and long-distance relocations and know exactly how important that experience was in order to build a great reputation and skills necessary for this type of relocation.

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Go through as many moving company reviews as possible to ensure you’ve made a good and safe choice

It’s absolutely necessary in order to avoid scammers

Moving is a lucrative business which is why, unfortunately, there are many fraudulent companies hunting for your money and nothing else. While the digital age and the Internet make it easier to find service providers, it also made many individuals more vulnerable to moving scams. Luckily, there is a way to be safe and avoid them. If you’re looking for reliable movers Orange County, here are some things you should check to confirm a company is trustworthy:

  • License and insurance. The first step is to check if they have the right to operate. You can easily do this by going to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration webpage and searching by name, MC, or USDOT numbers.
  • Transparent and direct answers. You have the right to ask whatever you want and get a clear and transparent answer. If they start giving you vague answers or you notice they’re trying to avoid answering your question – skip that company.
  • A precise estimate of the costs. Whenever possible, try to get a binding estimate. Most reputable companies will have no problem with giving you a precise estimate without the possibility of a price increase. Fraudulent companies avoid this to be able to ask for more money later on.
  • Generally positive reviews. Varied responses can be an indication that the company provides inconsistent service. However, overly positive reviews that all look alike are most likely fake and that company is fraudulent.
Reading moving company reviews will reduce the chances of hiring scammers
There are too many fraudulent companies out there. Read moving company reviews to avoid scammers.

How to spot fake moving company reviews

Unfortunately, fake reviews are quite common. Fraudulent companies know potential clients rely on them and will pay people to write fake ones. Whether you’re looking for a moving company to hire or quality storage Los Angeles to rent, beware of fake reviews. Here are some pointers on how to spot fake reviews:

  • If you notice there are more reviews that seem very similar and are written in the same way, they’re probably fabricated.
  • Trust your intuition, if the review feels overly positive or negative, it’s probably fake.
  • Fake reviews will often contain too many details that the average person wouldn’t even remember to write.
  • If every single review is very positive you should get suspicious. Everyone makes mistakes, it’s how we learn and get better. A company that doesn’t have a single review that states criticism is paying for people to write them.

The importance of leaving moving company reviews

When the relocation is over, all you want to do is unpack your moving boxes Los Angeles, settle in, and relax. However, you should make time to leave a review for your moving company. Whether positive or negative, your review is important for several reasons:

Help the company to get better

You might be dissatisfied with parts of the service of the moving company you hired. This doesn’t mean a company is a scam, but rather careless or inexperienced. If they want to get better, making them accountable through criticism will actually help them learn what to do better.

Support their business and help them grow

Leaving a good review can help the company grow its business and get more clients. If you’re satisfied with the service share your experience with others and help that moving company’s success.

Warn other people if the company is fraudulent

You’d want to know if a moving company is fraudulent in order to avoid it. The same applies to other people. If you’ve encountered scammers, warn others and ensure they don’t get to scam more people.

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Writing moving company reviews is of great help for the company and their future clients

Ask your friends and family for advice and recommendations

Have any of your friends or family members recently moved? They can be a valuable source of information. Aside from reading moving company reviews, look for other trustworthy sources in your friend group and family. Not only you can trust them the most but can ask about all the details you want to know. In addition, they can tell you what to look out for while searching for a perfect moving company for yourself. Whatever you do, don’t choose a moving company randomly. We at Los Angeles Transfer and Storage know how many fraudulent moving companies are out there and encourage you to do as much research as needed to find a perfect fit for your moving needs. And if we can help you in any way, don’t hesitate to contact us. Will be happy to help!

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