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The emotional impact of moving a house in LA

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Are you moving to a house in LA soon, and you’re wondering about the way you’ll react when you move? How it will feel when you leave all of your friends and family behind? Southern California Movers are here to give you an insight into all of the emotions that you can go through. It’s important that you keep in mind that you’re not the only one going through this – many people have been there before, and even if it may seem overwhelming at times, it gets better very quickly. You’ve made the choice to relocate for a certain reason, and you’ll have to keep that reason in your mind. To find out more about the emotional impact of moving a house in LA, keep on reading! 

Emotional impact of moving a house is big

Many people wonder how moving will impact their emotional state. The truth is, that the feelings will be very mixed. If you’re moving because of the new job or because of the significant other, or even “just” because it was the city you’ve always wanted to live in – you’ll go through the whole range of emotions, both positive and negative. It’s simply impossible not to feel both, because no matter how excited you are about the move, you’re leaving your past and the people behind. Memories will be all that’s left and that has a big impact on humans. As you go through the different phases of moving, you’ll notice that the emotional impact of moving a house is big:

  • You’ll feel nostalgic about your city while still living in it
  • The time you spend with your family and friends will seem more precious
  • You’ll very likely be more sensitive
  • The move won’t leave your friends and family indifferent either, and you will go through the conversations that can be tough, but also rewarding
  • Your priorities will sort out and you’ll know why you’re doing what you’re doing
  • You’ll also get to know yourself on a whole new level


a sad man
Moving is an emotional event that you’ll be coming to terms with during the whole relocation process.

You will probably have to let go of certain things

While packing, you’ll go through your belongings. And while packing is a great time to declutter, it’s also a path down memory lane – that will bring up a lot of emotions that you’ll have to cope with. When you’re moving, you will open every box, even the small forgotten ones in the furthest corners. That will bring up many feelings and memories, especially when we’re talking about the photo albums. You might find that you can’t bring all of your cherished items with you. The process of choosing what to bring and what to leave behind will also mean that you’ll need to let go of the feelings and people that those items represent. It doesn’t mean forgetting – only coming to the terms that items don’t matter as much s we think they do. You’ll also begin to let go of all the things you’re leaving behind months before the movement of the relocation comes. You’ll see the shift in the perspective and look at your city and close people from a totally different lens. The emotions might be heightened during that period.

woman and man reminiscing
During the moving process, you will have to let go of more than just material items.

You might feel guilty about the people you’re leaving behind

It’s normal for people who need to move to feel guilty, whether they’re moving for a job, to raise a family, or to start anew. There is no reason to, but many people feel like they’re betraying their family and friends by moving. It almost feels selfish. The truth is that you’re doing the best for yourself. So, since that’s what’s going to make you happy – you’ll be able to be an even better friend and family member. The change is tough, and separation can bring up many opposing feelings, but in the end, it will strengthen the bonds between you and the people you’re leaving as you learn to function on a whole another level. You might not speak as frequently as you used to, or see each other, but when you do – that will just make your time even more precious and valuable.

Relief is also possible – you’re feeling relieved that your plan has worked

As you face many obstacles, like trying to ship car from California to New York, you’ll realize that your move might fail. Get the long-distance movers as well.  That’s not the case in 99.9% of the time, but after you relocate, you will definitely start feeling relieved and happy. All of the pieces fell into the place and you have managed to get everything done in time. The huge process and a lot of energy that went into it have paid off. So, here you are – at the new place that you’ve worked very hard to get to.

Man and woman in an emotional impact of moving a house
The emotional impact of moving a house is big – it can cause mixed feelings that are hard to navigate.

One is for sure – The emotional impact of moving a house is definitely humongous

As you can see, there is a wide spectrum of emotions that moving will make you go through. The emotional impact of moving a house is unpredictable. It depends on from person to person. Some of them are good and some of them are bad. With the grit and your goal in mind – you’ll get through it with even more determination. The move reminds us that we have the freedom to make our own choices and to choose where we end up in life. It reminds us of how connections with our loved ones are important, all while also showing us where they need to be fixed. As the move brings awareness to all those things, you’ll grow as a person and get to know yourself and the people around you better. 

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