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The best things to do in Los Angeles in November

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November is somewhat a strange month since Halloween enthusiasts are still celebrating the scariest time in the year while Christmas lovers are already decorating their homes. When you are going to LA or already living there, you can find activities and places to visit for both of these holidays. For this reason, the best things to do in Los Angeles in November will include all the best activities. You can even ask your Southern California movers for some recommendations.  

The first set of recommendations 

Let’s start with the basics. If you are new to Los Angeles, then, you can simply explore the city. After you ship car from California to New York, you can start your tour at Beverly Hills as it is the most popular area. Then, you can visit the famous Hollywood sign, take a picture, and enjoy the view. Of course, do not forget to go to the beach. Even though it is November, it is still warm enough for a walk, maybe even some picnic, and similar. 

After this, you can visit Fright Farms. As mentioned, Halloween is still not over, so you can visit pumpkin patches in Los Angeles even in November. Particularly, Fright Farms organizes spooky activities. You will have to pay around $65 to $75 per vehicle entry, but you will not regret it. After all, Halloween is still not over, even though it is November. 

things to do in Los Angeles in November is to see the Hollywood sign
It is always impressive to see the Hollywood sign

The best things to do in Los Angeles in November include … 

Stranger Things: The Drive-Into-Experience is the next thing on the list. Are you a fan of Stranger Things? If yes, then, this the perfect place for you. Even if you are not, you can become one by visiting this drive-into-experience. Due to the current situation, you will be safe and well protected in your car from the other visitors. You can enjoy watching the show from the safety and comfort of your car. 

In addition to this, you can visit Woodland Hills or the North Pole in LA. As mentioned, you can already feel the Christmas spirit in the city. You can start with this winter wonderland and enjoy some festive and holiday-themed activities. On a similar note, you can visit Legion Drive-In, again in your car. After you are done with relocation to LA, you can relax by going to this new drive-in and watch a movie since cinemas are not safe at the moment. Reservation is necessary but you will receive popcorns, soda, and even candies.  

cinema sign
Drive-in theaters are really famous in LA during November

The last set of recommendations 

The best things to do in Los Angeles in November include the following. 

  • Poolside Dinner and a Movie Series at L.A. Live 
  • Street Food Cinema 
  • Not So Spooky Farm Halloween drive-through 
  • Spider Pavilion 
  • South Coast Botanic Garden 
  • Festivals Ventura County Fairgrounds 

You can add more things to this list. Los Angeles is always interesting, even in November so spend your time doing some of these activities mentioned above

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