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The best cities for job seekers in Washington

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    In recent years, Washington state is becoming more and more popular with both single people and families. This doesn’t only apply to daily life and the surroundings, but to work as well. This is all thanks to many multi-billion dollar companies that call Washington home. Some of the world’s most famous names, like Starbucks, Amazon, Microsoft, and many other business giants. In addition to the amazing and expanding job market, the state of Washington also gives its visitors and residents amazing natural beauty. From the beautiful coasts of San Juans to Mt. Rainier, Washington really lives up to its nickname, the Evergreen State. Around 60% of the state’s population lives in Seattle thanks to Southern California movers. However, there are many other cities for job seekers in Washington. We’re here to tell you a bit more about them and help you make the right choice.

    man in gray hoodie in front of a mountain range
    Washington State is a great place to find a new job, and start a new life

    In this text, we tried to include the most important factors one would look at when trying to find a job. One of the most important questions everyone asks is how affordable it is to live in a certain city? You’ll be much more comfortable in hiring piano movers Seattle for your move if you know that you can afford relocating to Washington state. Because of this, we measured the average household income. The next important thing is growth. The best cities for job seekers in Washington have a high number of people coming in, which effects the population jump. Lastly, there is the unemployment rate. The more people come to a city searching for a job, and successfully find one, the lower this rate is. This is another great way to see just how successful a city is.

    Lake Stevens welcomes all job seekers heading toward Washington State

    Located in Snohomish County, the city of Lake Stevens rests on the banks of a lake with the same name. In the past few years, the area saw a population growth of about 50%, thanks to the merge with the Southwest area. The living conditions are quite pleasant, as the average household income is around $73,128. Lake Stevens boasts an unemployment rate as low as 3.7%, making it very favorable by job seekers. There is absolutely no reason not to call skilled movers Seattle, and start packing for a move to Lake Stevens. Its largest industries are life sciences, aerospace, and clean technology, making it a very conscious and green city. The entire county focuses on providing everyone with a chance to work, and the Sherwood Community Center helps in this effort. In other words, everyone, even the residents with disabilities, has a chance at starting a career.

    street view of cities in Washington for job seekers
    Most of the cities in Washington are very affordable and offer various career paths

    Sammamish is a fast developing eco-friendly town

    The city is located on the shores of Lake Sammamish, only 20 miles away from Denver. In the past 10 years, the city has seen a population growth of around 15%. As far as income goes, Sammamish is easily at the very top of our list with a household income of over $130,000. This alone is a very good reason to give apartment movers Seattle a call and head on down to Washington. In addition, the unemployment rate in Sammamish is around 4%. Furthermore, the local government is working on being more environmentally friendly. They strive to achieve this by focusing on a greener approach, as well as helping local businesses be more self-sustainable. If you are in the education business, you have a very good chance of finding a job in Sammamish. Education is very important to the city, and the local schools are among the top employers.

    job seekers in a state program
    The state has many programs to help people gain career skills and advance in life

    Renton, one of the best cities for job seekers and sports fans in Washington

    Renton is just 11 miles away from Seattle and rests on the southeast shore of Lake Washington. It is also worth mentioning that Renton is home to the famous Seattle Seahawks. They can often be seen training at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center. Because of this, Renton is one of the favored cities with job seekers who also happen to be sports fans. If you fit both of these categories, don’t hesitate to get some quality moving boxes Seattle and start packing. You will get the best of both worlds! This is all backed by the fact that in recent years, the city saw a population increase of around 40% and an unemployment decrease to around 4.4%. The best employers in Renton are the Boeing company, Valley Medical Center, and PACCAR. In addition, the Renton Technical College helps people who receive unemployment benefits pick up useful work skills.

    people in an office building
    The job market in Washington is large and has many options for employment

    Redmond, the technology hub of Washington

    If you like computers, gaming, and technology, then Redmon is the place for you. Located just 15 miles west of Seattle, Redmond has some really big names and brands to boast. The median household income is the second-highest on our list and comes in at just above $90,000. The unemployment rate of the city is a bit below 4%. This is all thanks to impressive companies like Microsoft, Nintendo, AT&T, and Volt Technical. As is the case in most Washington states, the local government runs a lot of programs to help job seekers. There are a few specialized skill and education programs, like AtWork! which helps people with disabilities find a career. Similarly, the HopeLink program helps families and adults gain higher education which will, later on, help them find a suitable career. Redmond is a fast developing area that welcomes all job seekers in Washington.

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