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Students’ guide: Best colleges in LA area

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Los Angeles, a beautiful metropolis known throughout the world for its many wonders. From the Hollywood and film industries that placed it on the map. To the music and art scenes that have steadily evolved through the years. Many people all over the world have fallen in love with LA. Some have even used affordable moving companies Los Angeles has in order to move there, and live their dream. But what many people forget is that LA is not just glitz and glamour. The city is much more. It is also an education center. So it comes as no surprise that some colleges located here are not only the best colleges in LA area but in the world as well. Join us as we tell you a little more about that.

Should you study in one of the best colleges in LA area?

The first question you should ask yourself, even before we start telling you about the best colleges in the LA area is if you should study there. Well, the answer to that question will be different from one person to another. Why? All of us have different things and expectations when it comes to our college life. Some students are highly concentrated on their academics making sure they have all the top scores. Others are there to make memories and meet their lifelong friends and partners. And others are there for the parties, music, and nightlife. Hosting parties long into the night and calling cleaning services Los Angeles has the day after.

Beaches in LA
With a wide range of beaches, many tourists, and attractions it’s no wonder that some of the best colleges in LA area are also among the best in the world.

Well no matter the type of student you are, still the size and reputation of the city matter. LA is a huge city. Always surrounded by crowds, loud cars and transportation, many tourists, and so on. It can be hard for some people who are shy or like calmer regions to get used to this. But if you like face passed active life you will fit into this concrete jungle like a professional. The best colleges in LA area are not fixated. What does that mean?

In the sea of different colleges, with different majors and types of students, you can’t pick one and make it the best. Many of these colleges are so different it’s unimaginable. But what’s important is that they are the best ones in their own path. If you still can’t decide if the LA student life is for you, then why not come and check it out? You can bring your things and place them in climate controlled storage Los Angeles. This way your items will be close but at the same safe. You dint have to worry about them and can go check out student life.

Pros of studying in LA

One of the pros is that there are many colleges. And among them, the best colleges in LA are much more than that. They are also the best universities worldwide. With many universities, majors, and programs, people all over the world come to LA. The city of dreams does not only apply to the entertainment industry. As many young students placed their dreams and hopes on their college applications.

Home to the world’s entertainment industry, LA is a place where stars touch the ground. You can see many famous people everywhere. But what does that mean? It means lots of parties, concerts, and other types of events. Making this city a party city with unforgettable nightlife.

Bridge in LA during the night
The nightlife in LA is known around the world. So many students and young adults come to LA with the goal of enjoying every bit of it.

Many students that studied in some of the best colleges in LA area have gone on to gather many important contacts and acquaintances. As LA is home to some major companies. From the many filming studios to Silicon Valley(home to Facebook, Apple, Google, and so on). It is no wonder that the services for furniture movers Los Angeles has to offer are researched on a daily basis as many people move here. If not for college then for better job opportunities.

Mostly the LA weather is exceptional. It sometimes rains in the winter, although the temperature is still quite nice. Going on the average of 9-20°C. During summer the temperature goes up to about 30°C. And add on top of that the beaches, LA sure becomes a highly desirable place to study at. 

Cons of studying in LA

One thing you need to consider before you even start looking into the best colleges in LA is the city size. This beautiful city is a worldly giant. And what does a big city with a high population mean? A lot of traffic. That means it will take you longer to travel from one place to the other, and not to mention traffic jams. But transportation around the city has been developing around that issue as well. With the metro, and other types of public transportation. So even with this con present every international moving company Los Angeles is working to its best capabilities to make your move smooth and fast.

Traffick jam in LA
One of the biggest downsides in LA is the traffic jams. Well due to its size and dance population it’s no wonder. But still, there are ways to go around this as well.

Where will you live in LA? Even though living in LA is expensive people don’t realize to what extent. Food, drinks, and normal living expenses are highly-priced. But among them all actually, the accommodation prices are the ones you need to be wary of. So you need to start looking into apartments and houses on time. And even if you can’t afford them it will give you an idea of the actual market prices. Usually, the price of a one-bedroom apartment is around $2000. Because the cost of living in the city is so expensive many people usually can’t afford to enjoy it.

Colleges in LA

As we already said the best colleges in the LA area are highly dependent on what the student is looking for. If you are looking for a medical degree you will not be interested in any other colleges no matter how good they are. So take everything with a grain of salt. This is based on looking at the college results. So don’t rush and look at your options first, before calling movers in Burbank CA.

University of Southern California

First to mention is the University of Southern California or USC for short. This is actually a private university. Although private it is highly rated among other universities. It is a quite large school with the usual enrollment of 18,560 undergraduate students. To get admitted into USC you will need to compete with many ambitious people. Its acceptance rate is 16%. The majors with the biggest interest rate are Business, Communications, and Biology.

Pomona College

How can we talk about the best colleges in LA area without mentioning Pomona College? Well, we can’t. When we say one of the nation’s finest liberal arts colleges, there are certain expectations you hold. Pomona is actually one of the 5 Claremont Colleges. This way it helps its students to cross-register for other classes and also met with their peers across many other campuses. So be ready to contact movers Orange County and move to your college dorm or apartment.

Building of one of the Best colleges in LA area
The campuses of the LA colleges come in all shapes and sizes. From small ones with fewer people excepted to huge ones. But what they all have in common are the best resources and appliances in the world.

California Institute of Technology

Next on the roster of the best colleges in LA area is the California Institute of Technology. This is a prestigious private college. It is actually a small college located in Pasadena. How small you wonder? Well, it enrollees of 901 undergraduate students. Quite a little in comparison with USC. The acceptance rate is only 7%, and people that try it are highly competitive and usually top of their class.

California Lutheran University

This is actually a small college. Its goal is to work on almost face-to-face bases with its students. Helping them develop to the best of their abilities. Their goal is to help students grow. Both on academic bases as well as on a personal level.

How to pick your major

In order to pick the best colleges in LA area, you first need to decide what college major you will study. Sounds easy right? But not relay. This is a decision that will influence your whole life. Actually many people have their majors, as well as colleges, picked out early on. Some pick them out in high school. Others have them picked out from their parents. There is actually a thing as well when generations of one family go to the same colleges. That actually has the name “legacies”.

A college diploma that you can get from some of the best colleges in LA area
Of course, you can always give up and change your college. But it’s a shame to waste time so try and pick something you will be happy with on your first try.

In order to pick something, you will be happy with you need to base your decision on your interest. But even that is not stable as your interest may change over time. Another way to pick it may be passion. Even stronger than interest is a passion for your work. As you will need to work in that job every day. So something stronger than interest is a nice way to base your future on. But even that is changing.

Some colleges have years of learning not only the widely accepted four. So a lot of dedication and hard work are needed to complete them. Not to mention the post-graduation doctorate and so on. Like medicine for example takes 6 years on average to finish. But if you want to be a surgeon or some other advanced medical field you need to be prepared. There are years of schooling waiting.

Life after college?

When you pick out the best college in LA area for you and call moving services Los Angeles, a new chapter in your life is starting. That chapter is known as student life. Filled with all kinds of adventures and troubles it shapes you for your future. There on a college campus you will meet your lifelong peers, friends, and so on. As well as teams of highly respected professors, that will devote their time to shaping you into an intellectual. But is that all? What comes after college?

Some college degrees are actually highly sought after. Why? Well the education, as well as the difficulty of graduating from them, is a real challenge. That means the people who did graduate are at the top of the class as well as the best in the field. Well best after graduation that is. Like every job, real professionals need a lot of work, devotion, and experience. And the only thing these people lack is experience. So the people who graduate here are bound to find work fast.

A woman shaking her new bosses hand
Many college grads find work extremely fast after graduating.

After you start working will you be happy? The answer depends on the reason you picked your college. If you picked something just so you can graduate, as well as something you are not interested in but it pays well then no. You will not really be happy. You might be satisfied with the money and respect that comes out of it. But waking up every day to go to work you don’t enjoy is not a nice feeling. 

The best advice we can give you is that no matter what the Best colleges in LA area are, you do you. Pick out the college that will make you happy. Do something you will enjoy. You can even consider moving to LA without going to college right away. Go and work and live there and with time as you get to know yourself you will make the right decision.

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