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Store your antique furniture safely in Denver

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    Antiques are usually passed from generation to generation. They have a big sentimental value for the owners. How to store your antique furniture safely in Denver? There are different ways on how to properly do that. People often think that they just put the furniture in storage and that’s it! And that is so wrong, and please avoid that! If you want to store your antique furniture safely you need to do it carefully because antique furniture is precious and delicate. You can hire professional movers Denver residents recommend. They can help you relocate and store your items, or you can do it yourself.

    It needs special care even when it’s not in storage. Because, if the antique furniture is not well-preserved it loses its worth. Different materials react differently. For example, wood rots, glass cracks, and metal rusts. There are a lot of storage units Denver residents usually recommend. So you can always check it and find the perfect storage for your furniture.

    Use the right storage

    Finding the perfect storage unit can be both exciting and exhausting. A self-storage unit is a great place to store not just your antique furniture but all kinds of things and items that have sentimental value to you. But on the other hand, you don’t have enough rooms to store those items. Once you find your storage unit, there are moving services in Denver that can help you transport your belonging to it. Here are the key things you should pay attention to when choosing the right storage:

    • Accessibility – You should consider renting a self-storage unit that is on the ground floor. If the units on the upper floor use the elevator to prevent damage to your antique items. Many self-storage facilities also have dollies and rolling carts available for use.
    • Temperature control – This is a must! Climate control uses central air and heat to maintain a temperature within the unit of 50 to 80 degrees and reduces humidity. And we all know what moist can do to our antique furniture. Some facilities have a dehumidifier as well.  They are for units on the first floor of an indoor self-storage facility or on subterranean levels.
    • Store your antique furniture and get insuranceYou don’t need a lot of money to purchase this. And it will protect your belongings in case of burglary, fire, smoke, and other natural disasters.
    antique furniture
    Antique furniture is very delicate so you need to pack it properly before storing it.

    Many self-storage units offer security. They have cameras, alarms, and fences. When choosing a moving company, always make sure that they offer you a moving quote Denver has to offer. That way you can compare companies, and it will make it a bit easier when deciding which movers to choose.

    Prepare your antique furniture for the storage

    You can store your antique furniture, but you have to prepare it. Fragile and delicate items require special treatment. They should be wrapped carefully with protective wrappings, such as bubble bags, blankets sheets, or felt. And it will protect your items from being damaged while in storage.

    storing antique furniture
    Make sure you choose a proper storage unit.

    And yet if you don’t want to transport the items on your own Southern California movers can do the job for you. If you plan it well then you don’t need to worry. Just enjoy your new home, and visit from time to time to check on your antique furniture in the storage you choose.

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