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Storage unit maintenance tips

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Storage units are a great invention. People who rent storage usually do that for over a year. During that time, everything can happen inside if you’re not visiting your storage unit often. Even though you decluttered and cleared out your home, the job doesn’t stop there. Your possessions will suffer and you will end up losing everything inside the unit if it’s not properly maintained. Movers Los Angeles has to offer shared tips on storage unit maintenance.

Why is storage unit maintenance needed?

You may be thinking this is nonsense, but consider a few things. Did you know that dust that is built up can be poisonous? That’s why we keep cleaning our homes. Imagine you have to walk into storage after a year or so and breathe in all of the poison. Therefore, it is very important to clean your unit occasionally. Every couple of months could do, say the people who are managing storage Los Angeles has nearby.

one of storage maintenance tips is regular cleaning
Keep the cleaning regular and you are sure your belongings will last long.

If you have extra time, repack things in plastic boxes. They will keep the inside of the unit easy to clean and everything will be sealed and secured. Also, there are some good-quality moving boxes Los Angeles has in the neighborhood. If you pack yourself, you won’t regret calling them. However, we recommend you lift everything from the ground. Investing in some shelves is never a done job.

Put all the needed cleaning supplies inside the storage unit

This is one pro tip shared by movers Orange County located. If you need to take everything with you every time, it might happen you won’t go cleaning your unit ever. Use a small caddy or a box to keep your cleaning supplies ready for use:

  • cloths and wet wipes
  • dusters
  • antibacterial spray
  • gloves
  • trash bags that will always be full during storage unit maintenance
  • broom and dustpan

This way you are more likely to keep everything clean and tidy.

Declutter is very important for storage unit maintenance

Plan to be there during the whole day. This is not a one-hour process and you will need something to keep you motivated. Clear out all the distractions, because this is the first step to keep your storage clean all the time. Take everything out and create four piles – keep, sell, donate and throw away/recycle. For the things you’re about to keep, remember to clean them again properly.¬†Remember to leave everything to dry before you place it back into cleaned and disinfected storage.¬†In addition, read on the dos and don’ts of making storage work for you. You can’t find a bunch of ideas there.

girl decluttering clothes
Declutter everything you don’t need anymore or clothes that don’t fit.

Try to stay on schedule

Clean, declutter and rotate the inside of your storage unit at least once or twice a year. If you clean regularly, your things probably won’t end up damaged.¬†On the other hand, if you moved somewhere far, we hope you hired international moving company Los Angeles has. Remember to use these tips when you’re back for yearly storage unit maintenance.

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