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Steps to write a review for a Seattle moving company

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Do I need to write a review for a Seattle moving company? Of course you don’t have to. But you should. Moving reviews are not only the way to help others who plan to move after you, but you also motivating movers to do a better job in the future. They take such assessments very seriously as they are aware that there is a large number of customers who read them and decide which company to hire based on the other peoples’ testimonies.  And each company would like to be recognized as one of the best movers Seattle has. Now, let’s take a look at how to write a proper review.

What is the purpose of writing a review for a Seattle moving company?

Fraudulent moving companies are one of the biggest threats to the relocation industry. The number of such companies is so high that people are starting to be very scared when the time to hire movers comes. Unfortunately, frauds are not the only problem here. There are many companies that operate completely legally, but they are so poor at doing their job that it is giving the whole industry a bad name. That is why everyone is speaking about proper research before hiring Washington movers. There are many things that a customer should check before choosing relocation assistance. And one of the most important and most helpful things is moving reviews.

a finger leaving a one star rating
You, people who move after you, and your movers – you can all benefit from leaving a moving review

Fake reviews are easy to spot

Unfortunately, even though reading moving reviews is one of the most effective ways to find good long distance moving companies Seattle, people still need to be careful. Some companies have a habit of leaving fake testimonies that make their businesses look better than what is really the case. Still, such reviews are usually very easy to spot. They usually look very unnatural, praising a company more than a normal person would, unusual sentence structures, and looking very forced and artificial. Especially if there is a great number of bad reviews there as well.

How to write a review for a Seattle moving company – step by step

Ok, now you know how reviews work and what their purpose is. So how to write a review for a Seattle moving company properly? Here are some of the key points:

  • Try to be realistic – do not praise or criticize your movers too much
  • Include basic information like time, date, and location of your move
  • Mention their customer service and their staff
  • Note their reliability and punctuality
  • Comment things that you were surprised with – good and bad
  • Finalize your review by assessing the whole job

Be realistic and stick to the facts

We already mentioned how to recognize fake reviews. Overpraising and exaggeration are some of the red flags that a review is not genuine. And your goal is to leave a review that people will believe in. So try to be as realistic as possible and stick to the facts. The other who will read your review will understand whether your interstate movers Seattle are good or bad even if you do not amplify things.

fairytale depiction
Forget about fairytales – everyone will know if you are overexaggerating

Mention the exact time, date, and location of the relocation you are referring to

One of the most important things that people who read your review will want to know is the time, date, and location of your move. What is the point of reading a review for a relocation that happened two years ago in California for someone who is moving tomorrow in the state of Washington? That is why this is one of the things that you should not fail to mention, even though it doesn’t look so important at first glance.

What was your experience with the moving company’s staff

Customer service and moving company’s employees are the first things that a client will notice. What were your first impressions? Is the company’s staff polite and professional? Are they ready to answer all your questions? How helpful are they? Were they ready for some modifications of their services in order to meet your specific needs? Of course, there are other things that you should note as well. However, these are the most important things that everyone will want to know about.

If your movers arrived and delivered on time, do not fail to mention it – of course, do it if it was the other way around as well

Sticking to the schedule is one of the moving company’s weakest points. The job is simply so unpredictable. Therefore, companies that respect your time are especially admired. If you had a moving company that arrived at the agreed time and delivered your items without delay, you should definitely note that in your review.

Talk about things that surprised you

Did your movers surprise you in any way? Did they finish the packing process quicker than expected, for example? Or did they do anything special that you didn’t anticipate?  On the other hand, maybe you were surprised with additional costs that emerged unexpectedly after your relocation was completed.  Those are the things that especially concern potential customers as they cannot be learned in any other way except reading your comment.

a surprised girl
If you were surprised by your movers don’t forget to mention that in your review

Give the general impression of the process

Finally, wrap it up. Give a general comment on the whole process. Whether you were satisfied or not, what are the things that they could do better, and whether you plan to hire the same company in the future? This final thing may be the most important. As it will tell your readers what was your general impression and whether they should consider the company or not.

Write a review – you can also benefit from it in the future

That is how to write a review for a Seattle moving company properly. As we already mentioned you are not obliged to do it. But if you want to help other people and reward your movers for a good job, you should definitely do it. Moreover, if you are relocating often, that is the best way to influence moving companies to improve their services in the future.

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