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Steps to properly pack carpets for a move to Seattle

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Carpets are items that are easily overlooked during a moving process. There seem to be many more important things to pack. You probably think you can just roll it up and toss it into the moving truck. Well, that is not the case. Whatever type of carpet you have, it requires more attention during a move than you might expect. One of the professional movers Los Angeles is the right people to trust with this job. Even though they might seem durable, carpets can easily get damaged or even destroyed during a move.  This guide will teach you how to pack carpets for a move to Seattle and ensure that they get to your new home damage-free.

Prepare and clean the rug before moving it

Before you proceed to pack carpets for a move, you need to give them a thorough clean. Keeping a rug in good condition all starts with regular maintenance and care. Before moving you were properly vacuuming it to remove dust and pests. But before moving to Seattle from Los Angeles, you should hire a rug cleaning company. You are moving into a new home, and the things you bring with you should be in peak condition.

Vacuum cleaner on a carpet
Cleaning is the first step to preparing a carpet for moving

Prepare the packing materials

Fortunately, you don’t need much to move a rug. For larger carpets you will need:

  • Rope or string
  • Packing paper
  • Packing tape

Once the rug is rolled up, tie it. Then wrap it into packing paper and finalize it by taping it with packing tape. For small-sized rugs, you can use their original cardboard carpet tube packaging. If you plan to put the carpets into one of the Dupont WA storage, make sure to also implement these steps.

The back needs to be facing upwards when you pack carpets for a move

Even though it might seem like the less logical thing to do, hear us out. When rolling the carpet, make sure that the top side is facing inward. This is because the backside is prone to cracking and damage. Simply avoid this by rolling up that size facing inwards. If you hire one of the moving services Los Angeles, you won’t have to worry about any of this, because they will do it instead of you.

Roll it from the short side

This is another thing that you usually don’t see people do. Roll it from the short side and secure it nicely in the middle and on both ends with string or ropes.

Don’t put items on top when you pack carpets for a move

Once you have prepared it for transportation, we recommend putting it in an upward position in the moving truck. While it minimizes the chances of damage, it also maximizes the space inside the truck. If you do need to transport your rug laying down, just make sure there is nothing on top of it. Added pressure will certainly cause damage.

Straighten out the rug upon arrival

After the relocation is done and everything has been unpacked, you might notice the ends of your carpet curling up. This is completely normal and nothing to worry about. The simplest way to fix this is to put heavy furniture on the corners for a few days and it will straighten out.

Dog laying on a carpet
It will take a few days for your carpet to straighten up

Steps to properly pack carpets for a move to Seattle – conclusion

After reading this guide and learning how to properly pack carpets for a move. we hope to have diminished the stress during moving day for you. There are enough things to worry about, and your carpets shouldn’t be one of them. We wish you success!

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