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Smart tips on labeling your boxes during a move

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    Moving home requires a lot of planning and work, and packing is a big part of it. And one of the most important things to do when packing your things for the move is labeling the boxes. It is important that they are labeled properly for multiple reasons. So that you can easily unpack when the movers bring the boxes to your new home. And so that the Los Angeles Transfer company can know how to handle the boxes when transporting them. Here are some tips for labeling your boxes during a move.

    Before labeling your boxes during a move prepare all the packing supplies

    Before you start packing you need to make sure that you get all the necessary packing supplies. So go through your things and figure out which packing supplies you are going to have and how much. You want to get enough so that you won’t have to go back to the store to get some more in the middle of packing. And don’t forget to get labels or permanent waterproof markers so that you can label the boxes properly. You can also always hire moving companies Burbank CA to help you with packing.

    A person holding bubble wrap
    You need to get all the necesary packing supplies before you start with the packing

    If you are moving an office make sure to label the boxes in order of importance

    Since you want to have minimal disruption in your business, you need to label the boxes in order of importance for your office equipment. This way office movers Los Angeles can bring out the boxes and help you unbox them in the proper order. So that you can quickly assemble all the office equipment so that you can start working soon, things like:

    • Computers
    • Printers
    • Fax machines
    • Copiers

    Make an inventory

    Having an inventory of everything will make both packing and unpacking much easier and more efficient. Because you can easily track everything and in which box it is. And if anything gets damaged or destroyed having an inventory will help you with the insurance claim too. Whether you are moving from California to Washington or somewhere more local, an inventory list will make the move much easier and it will help you with labeling your boxes during a move too.

    There are multiple ways to label your boxes during a move

    You need to find a way to label the boxes that suits you the most, and you can choose from a few. You can label the boxes with the content by writing it with a permanent marker on the box. You can also label the boxes using a color that corresponds to a certain room in your house. And if you are going to put some of your things in storage Los Angeles additionally labeling them that they are for storage is important.

    A woman labeling her boxes during a move
    You can label your boxes in a few different ways

    Make sure to clearly label the priority boxes

    There are things that you are going to need the day you move to your new home. And in the first few days. That is why it is important that when you are labeling your boxes during a move you label those as a priority. You can label them with “H” for high priority, “M” for medium priority, and “L” for low priority. This will make unpacking much easier and less stressful. Also, make sure that you pack a moving essentials bag that you can keep with you at all times.

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