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Moving from Colorado to California

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Most people find moving to be a great stress-inducer, especially when it comes to cross-country moving. If your plan includes moving from Colorado to California, the best way to avoid all relocation-related issues and have an enjoyable move is to contact Los Angeles Transfer and Storage. Our moving crew has the skills and experience necessary to complete a successful interstate move. There will be no stress involved, no time-wasting, and what’s most important your inventory will be in good hands. We’ll keep your items safe and your move swift and stress-free!

wing of a plane, representing moving from colorado to california
If your upcoming cross-country move has got your worries, Los Angeles Transfer and Storage is here to help you out.

A successful interstate move begins and ends with us!

It takes more than just a regular, next-door moving company to handle moving from Colorado to California without a single problem in sight. Interstate moves require a great deal of movers’ integrity and reputability, as well as extensive experience with long distance relocations. Our Los Angeles interstate movers will make you confident and relaxed – we are here to go the distance. We are well aware of the distance and problems that may arise between Colorado and California. But we can guarantee that providing the best moving services is what our company is all about. Get in touch with us and let us show you all the ways we can help you move with the utmost ease.

No move is too big a challenge for our team of moving professionals

No matter the type or the distance of your move, hiring true professionals will always prove as the best possible option. Have you found the house of your dreams in California? Or is your office space about to move or expand to another state? Regardless of why you plan to move your home or your business, we are here to provide the finest moving solutions. How can Los Angeles Moving and Storage provide a helping hand for your upcoming move?

a residential house
Have you found the house of your dreams in another state? Let us give you a hand so you get there with ease.

Choose our commercial and residential moving services for your upcoming move

What are the ways we can simplify and facilitate your move from Colorado to California? Is your move residential or commercial? Do you need any special moving services? If your office or household contains some particularly fragile, hefty, difficult-to-move items – you can be certain we can relocate them with ease. Anything from fine art to pool table and piano; whatever your Colorado to California relocation entails – we can make it happen. Most importantly, you can rest assured that your valued and precious items will remain safe at all times. With us, you will be getting:

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We know exactly what you need and are ready to provide only the best moving services

Colorado vs California: All you should know!

As a professional moving company, our job is not only to transport your items but help you blend in faster! The best way to achieve that is to learn as much as possible about the place you will be moving to. If you currently live in Colorado, there will be some changes going your way after you move. What you should do is learn how to embrace them and make your life much better. As we carried countless relocations and managed to put a smile on the face of every client, here is a significant piece of our knowledge and experience.

Since you will be having an interstate relocation, that means you will have to change some of your habits and prepare for getting new ones. This is a pretty common thing and even those who will move just a couple of blocks away will experience the same. So what are the important differences between these two states that can affect your life after moving? Let’s go through them together!

Living costs will be higher in California

But that is not something that should worry you. After all, the difference is not so significant, and with the right methods, you will be able to deal with it easily. Colorado holds 120.5/100 while California is at 149./100. Both states go above average and the majority of things will depend on your job. If you manage to send out job applications on time and find something good that suits you, this difference will not be an issue for you. it is good to mention that health costs will remain pretty much the same, and for some people that is the most important thing.

beach in California
If the beach is one of the reasons you consider moving from Colorado to California- we completely understand you

After moving from Colorado to California you will get access to the ocean

And who doesn’t like that? Since Colorado is a land-locked state you probably had at least a couple of beaches on your bucket list. Well, after your relocation that will no longer be an issue as California has plenty of them. You will get a wonderful chance to replace those wonderful lakes and rivers in Colorado with pristine beaches in California. It will be pure heaven for those who love surfing, swimming, and of course laying on the beach for hours. Some of the most popular beaches in California are:

  • Malibu
  • Santa Monica
  • Laguna Beach
  • Pier

Those who wish to take this on a higher note should consider buying a beach house. A lot of residents in California will do the same as sometimes it is really hard to resist all that beauty.

Both states have amazing travel resources!

That means that you have access to some of the coolest destinations both in the USA and the rest of the world from these two states. Colorado and California have a couple of huge airports offering flights pretty much anywhere. After your relocation is over and you say goodbye to our movers, feel free to explore the rest of the world from your home. 

We can’t forget to mention the mountain as well. Yes, Colorado may not have access to beautiful beaches but it has some of the best landscapes in the world. If you think you are going to miss those high peaks, don’t worry, California has plenty of them. They don’t say in vain that when in California you can be at the beach and the top of the mountain on the same day.

California may be more polluted

More people usually means more things that are not so good for the environment. California tends to be a dream place for many people from all around the world, and that has its price. During some parts of the year, the air is extremely polluted, especially in Los Angeles. For some people, this could be an issue and you should stay away from urban places as much as possible. On the other hand, this state has some places that are more than clean, with lots of fresh air and clean ocean water.

As traffic is one of the main reasons air is not of good quality, expect to come across some traffic jams from time to time. If you move to one of the big cities you should use public transportation, at least for a while. Los Angeles has one that works pretty well and a lot of people will use it to commute every single day. Those who own a car should get to know their new area first before start using it daily. This will help you get to know the place better and you will not come across certain issues while driving.

How often do people move from Colorado to California?

This is another thing you should know before officially deciding to move. It may affect a lot of the next steps you will be making just like it did for many other people. Looking at statistics one thing is pretty clear. California is the second most common destination for people from Colorado for many reasons. Back in 2019 more than 15,085 people from Colorado decided that California will be their new home. The majority of them did it because of the lifestyle in that state, while the rest wanted to chase successful careers. It is good to know that in that same year around 29,350 left California and went straight to Colorado.

When new residents arrive in California a lot of them will already have a good business plan. Some of them will keep on working remotely while others will try applying for some cool job. The most popular destinations in California include:

  • Los Angeles
  • San Francisco
  • San Diego
  • Sacramento

Before you move to California from Colorado make sure to carefully choose the neighborhood you will be moving to. California is a state of diversity and there is something for everyone but that is not as simple as it may sound. When looking for a perfect place in California to move to you must think about things you like, the job you want, and the people who will surround you. Younger people will enjoy spending time in bigger cities and those who wish to have a more subtle life should check out California towns.

Let our team of professional packers simplify your relocation from Colorado to California

There are things you can do to make your relocation nice and easy. And using professional packing services is certainly one of the most efficient ways to accomplish this idea. If you are interested in a swift and efficient move, ask our representative about how you can benefit from our competent and skilled team of packers. You may find it difficult to trust strangers with handling and packing your fragile and valuable items, but you can be sure that opting for our packers means making a step towards keeping your belongings safe. We know the best way to handle and pack every single item in your home or your office. Secure packing means safety for your items during the moving process.

a person holding a moving box
Our professional packers can pack and handle your possessions for your relocation from Colorado to California

Keep your belongings safely stored in our storage units

It is very common for a move, especially a long-distance one, to call for using secure storage facilities. Not all of your belongings will fit inside your new California home – so keeping them safe inside our storage units seems like the best option. And we have just what you need. Our clean, maintained, and supervised storage units Los Angeles residents rely on are perfect for storing your possessions before, during, and after your move. Short-term or long-term: whatever your storage needs are, we can make it happen. There is no need to pile up items in your home and make even more messes. Simply let us take everything to storage and make sure everything is safe there for as long as you want.

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Get in touch with us and let’s do this together!

Get in touch with Los Angeles Transfer and Storage today!

To complete the perfect process of moving from Colorado to California, all you need to do is contact Los Angeles Moving and Storage today. Let one of our friendly representatives offer you a detailed insight into your moving options with us. Or – opt for getting a free moving estimate and calculate your moving budget well in advance. Everything is simple with our team of experienced moving professionals!

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