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Relocation is our specialty! Our full service movers are completely devoted to ensuring that every
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Moving internationally is a difficult task. When that task is ahead of you, you will need all the help you can get. And the best help comes from the best people. It follows, then, that the most established international moving company Los Angeles is what you need when moving internationally. If that’s the case, then Los Angeles Transfer and Storage is who you’re looking for! Our professional movers are the perfect choice for international relocation. We have years of experience in the field that we can put to good use to help make your relocation an easy and simple one. All it takes is one phone call and top-rated international movers Los Angeles will be working on your move!

When the time comes to leave Los Angeles for a different country, we are here to help!

The right international moving company Los Angeles will be a life-saver during a move

There’s no question that international relocation is not something you should do all by your lonesome. But movers can make or break your relocation. If you fall victim to a scam, for example, your already difficult situation will only get worse. On the other hand, having the right kind of help can ensure that your relocation is simple, straight-forward and pleasant.┬áSo when you choose Los Angeles Transfer, you make your relocation as easy and stress-free as possible.

If a well-known international moving company Los Angeles is what you’re looking for, Los Angeles Transfer is who you need!

Moving your home is a big deal. You want it to be a big deal for your movers as well, don’t you? That’s why you should always choose reputable long-distance movers LA for your relocation! At Los Angeles Transfer, that’s what we aim to be and we will be more than happy to prove this to you as well.

Licensed and insured, reliability is our middle name

With Los Angeles Transfer, you won’t have to worry about moving scams. We are verifiably licensed and insured, with years of relevant experience and a spotless reputation. The thousands of others we’ve helped move before have not regretted putting their trust in us and we’re sure you won’t either! Reliability is crucial to who we are as an international moving company so trusting us won’t be a mistake.

Trained and experienced, we are the ultimate experts at international moving

For an international move, you want international movers who know what they’re doing and there’s no one who knows more about international relocation than us. Our international movers are trained in all aspects of relocation and they all have years of experience with similar relocations. You will know, therefore, that your moving team is comprised of experts only. That will certainly go a long way in reassuring you that your belongings are safe in our hands.

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Choose the most qualified international movers LA and make your relocation easier!

We are an A-Z international moving company Los Angeles, there for you every step of the way

As the ultimate international movers, we are here to help with your relocation in every way that you need. In order to ensure that we are the perfect international moving company Los Angeles for every move, we offer a wide variety of moving services Los Angeles that cover everything you may need help with. In addition to international transportation, we offer services such as:

Whatever you need help with, we can do it – just let us know! The perfect combination of moving services for your move is only limited by your imagination.

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Special movers for special moving needs

Some things require a bit more care than others during relocation. But that’s not a problem with Los Angeles Transfer! We are the kind of international moving company Los Angeles that can handle anything, including specialty services that not all movers are capable of. So don’t worry – your fine art, valuables, antiques or cars will be safe in our hands too.

Your satisfaction is vital to our work

Our customers’ satisfaction is what makes our work worthwhile. Ultimately, you are who we do this for. Because of this, your satisfaction is crucial to our business. We keep this in mind throughout your relocation; it drives us to do everything we can in order to ensure that you are happy with your relocation. If you want to know how successful we are at this, we suggest you ask the people who know best: our customers. Their positive reviews will tell you everything you need to know about how good we are at what we do!

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We will do everything in our power to make sure you have a pleasant relocation.

Your opinion matters – share it!

We believe in constantly working on improving ourselves. In order to do that, we want to know your feedback! It’s your opinions that matter most, they tell us what we do right and how we can be even better. We can’t think of a better way to move forward than to grow better with your help;

Become another satisfied customer of our international moving company Los Angeles today!

If you want to become a part of the big happy family that is the satisfied customers of a reliable international moving company Los Angeles, then you should contact Lost Angeles Transfer and Storage today – it’s as simple as that! You are only one phone call away from having the a smooth international relocation, so why wait? You can get well-established international movers at top rates today!

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This company did a fantastic job moving all my belongings from Oregon to LA. I am very pleased. Their customer service was great and how efficient and careful they were moving everything was wonderful. A lot of moving companies don't care about your belongings and most of the time something ends up broken, scrapped, or dinged. Everything came to LA as they were, nothing broken or dinged! They set up everything in my guest bedroom perfectly. The bed was right where I wanted it and I was able to put sheets on it right away to feel a little more settled in. The cost is reasonable for a moving company. Again, great company 5 stars will use them again if I ever have to do a big move.

John S.

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