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Senior moving tips

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    Moving is a process that is difficult for people of all ages. But it seems that relocation is often most strenuous and tiring on our seniors. Whether you are looking for senior moving tips because you are a senior citizen relocating in the near future, or are trying to find some advice for helping your parents/grandparents through their move, you came to the right place! At Los Angeles Transfer and Storage, we take great care of our customers, but we put special focus and attention on senior citizens. Here’s what we’ve noticed to be of use.

    Essential senior moving tips

    1. Always do a medical check-up

    Whether you are moving down the block of relocating to a distant location, you need to act with a lot of caution. Any type of relocation is strenuous – they just vary in magnitude. As a senior citizen, your first job should be ensuring you are healthy enough for handling all the stress of relocation. That’s why you should make a doctor’s appointment your number one priority.

    Two women in a doctor's office.
    Your health and safety come first. Moving and packing should be your secondary concerns.

    You can also use this moment to refill your medicine. Who knows when your relocation will be finalized, and you need to stay safe during it. And as an unwritten rule, you should also find a physician in the new area. It’s better to be prepared and safe than sorry.

    2. Get a lot of help

    It’s safe to say that residential relocation LA is difficult for any person to handle on their own. But there are certain circumstances that can make this endeavor even more difficult to handle without lots of help. And being at a tender age is definitely one of them. Not only should you get a reliable moving company on board, but you should also enlist friends and family members for help! You will need help with a lot more than just moving and packing!

    3. Declutter your home before moving

    When it comes to senior relocation, the most common scenario is one of downsizing. Seniors are usually empty-nesters who don’t require a lot of space, which is where the problem ensues – because they have a lot of belongings. To be able to put these two together and in accordance, one needs to do some major decluttering.

    A black notebook for writing down senior moving tips.
    There should be no place for nostalgia and emotions when decluttering.

    Get rid of all the items you haven’t used in a long time. Of course, giving senior moving tips and suggesting you leave your emotions behind is easy – doing it is the really hard part. But, sometimes, you won’t have a choice. You will be restricted by either money or space, and you will have to move with a lesser quantity of items. And after you do manage to finally get rid of the piles of items that have been holding you back, you will realize your trouble wasn’t in vain. Not by a long shot!

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