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Safest neighborhoods in LA

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Moving to a new city or even to the other block can be difficult. There are many potential locations to choose from, and they dictate the price and your satisfaction. Therefore, choosing a safe neighborhood should be your top priority, especially when moving to LA. Do not fret because moving and storage Los Angeles are ready to help. We made a short list of the safest neighborhoods in LA.

Top 5 safest neighborhoods in LA

According to long distance movers Los Angeles, there are many great locations to choose from, especially if you have a sizeable budget. If you always dreamed of living in the same neighborhood as your favorite celebrity, you have that choice. But, even those who aren’t looking to buy a mansion have some options. These are our top picks:

  • Beverlywood – safest neighborhoods in LA pick
  • Sawtelle
  • Palms
  • Century City
  • West Los Angeles
A safe, beautiful part of LA.
There are many beautiful and safe parts of LA.

1. Beverlywood

Violent crime rate: 34.9 per 100,000

Property crime rate: 636.2 per 100,000

Beverlywood is the nicest neighborhood in Los Angeles to live in with the lowest crime rate, as well as the best place to raise a family. It has calm residential streets, private parks, and excellent public schools. This area features mountainous streets and cul-de-sacs, as well as big trees and lovely mansions.

2. Sawtelle

Violent crime rate: 225.3 per 100,000

Property crime rate: 1972.7 per 100,000

According to residential moving companies Los Angeles CA, residents of Sawtelle perceive the area to be safe, tranquil, and community-orientedIt’s commonly referred to as one of the safest districts in all of Los Angeles, thanks to its combination of peaceful streets, busy shopping areas, and office complexes.

3. Palms

Violent crime rate: 197.4 per 100,000

Property crime rate: 1,620.6 per 100,000

Palms is a very safe and pleasant place to live. It is well-kept, and there are numerous retail plazas, restaurants, parks, and other amenities. However, as moving companies Orange County points out, housing can be costly, which is a significant barrier to residing in this location.

4. Century City

Violent crime rate: 36.4 per 100,000

Property crime rate: 2,585.6 per 100,000

Century City, which is home to 20th Century Fox, was built on the studio’s former backlot. Century City is today regarded as a prestigious business zone and one of Los Angeles’ most important job centers. Keep in mind though, that both renting and purchasing a home in Century City is really expensive.

5. West Los Angeles

Violent crime rate: 159.7 per 100,000

Property crime rate: 5,861.3 per 100,000

If you plan to move to Los Angeles, West LA is a good place to consider. The neighborhood is extremely safe, and it is conveniently located near beaches, airports, Beverly Hills, and Malibu. It’s also close to Sawtelle, which has a plethora of casual dining options. There are single-family homes, tiny older apartment buildings, and bigger contemporary complexes in this neighborhood.

Beverlywood, one of the safest neighborhoods in LA
The safest neighborhoods in LA are also the most expensive.


Those were our top picks for the safest neighborhoods in LA. Contact moving quotes Los Angeles and get a free quote today! Our experienced and dedicated team of movers is also eager to answer any questions. We aim to make every move an exciting experience.

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