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Risks of cutting costs when moving interstate

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Relocating over long distances can be a complicated matter. It is always more expensive than moving locally, and not only because of the distances involved. If you are moving to Seattle from Los Angeles, you will have quite a trek in front of you. Due to the expensive nature of moving expenses, you might want to be cutting costs when moving interstate. However, this carries an inherent amount of risk for every cut. This article will try to explain what are the risks that are present when you try to cut corners when relocating long distance.

The reasons you shouldn’t cut on costs when moving interstate

The main reason why you don’t want to do this is simple. Safety. No matter what you do, you will be moving away from optimal moving conditions. Whenever you want to remove a service or take a different route, it will come with additional risk. There are good reasons why things cost as much as they do. If you, for example, want to save some money on storage Dupont, WA, you will have to compromise on something. You will either take smaller storage and cramp your things in, or you will have less security.

Or you may want to hire movers in their off-season. This will mean that the weather conditions can heavily influence the safety of your items. There are good reasons for the prime moving season, after all. By trying to cut some cost here, you are exposing your items to extra danger. Granted, it is not that big of a deal most of the time but it is there.

The other reason is convenience. If you aren’t “paying” in safety, you will be doing so inconvenience. This is something that depends on you personally. If you want to move leisurely, then cutting on convenience will hit you quite hard.

Protect all your belongings – get moving insurance!

How much does it cost to move interstate?

However, the main thing to figure out is what the main costs are and what are the risks associated with paying less for them.

  • Moving insurance
  • Utilities
  • Storage
  • Boxes
  • You shouldn’t be cutting moving costs when moving interstate with your pet
  • Reliable moving professionals

Cutting costs when moving interstate – Moving insurance

As most Southern California movers will agree on, moving insurance is the most important cost in the long-distance relocations. The distances that your items will travel mean that anything can happen. Of course, anything can happen during a local move, as well. However, moving interstate poses a much larger risk. Therefore, you want to know that whatever happens you are protected. This is where moving insurance comes in. Usually, you will want to have a decent reimbursement if something goes wrong. For that, you will need to pay extra.

Cutting on moving insurance is like Russian roulette. The odds are on your side but if it blows up, you’re in a really bad spot. If you are ready to carry on with that amount of risk, this is where you can cut the most.


When moving to another state, you will need to either transfer your utilities or go with another provider. If you choose to try and save some money on this, you may get a shoddy service. There are many providers and some offer substandard services for substandard rates. That is just the way it is. The way to go here is to figure out if you can get a decent provider that also offers a lower price than your old one. You can also choose to wait for deals but then you are running the risk of not having your utilities connected at the right time.

Trying to save money on utility transfer can cause a lot of problems!


Storage costs are not that much, to be honest. At least not in the grand scheme of things. A storage unit will set you back anywhere $200 and $400 per month. Obviously, if you cut corners you will be risking either your time or the safety of your items. You simply can’t get both good convenience, good safety and a good price. Not unless you encounter some really good promotional deal. In fact, the best way to save on your relocation is to look for promotion deals. These will go a long way towards saving you some money but without additional risk. If you need storage unit or any other additional moving service, contact your professional mover and ask for advice.

Saving some money on a storage unit is perfectly fine if you are storing many large items of no particular value. However, if you store valuable items then you are running a considerable risk if you are skimping on a storage unit. Again, there are good reasons for their pricings.


You should never cut down on boxes and that is a fact. If you can’t get quality free or cheap boxes, it is always best to buy new ones instead of buying shoddy second-hand ones. The main risk in acquiring low-grade boxes is that they may simply burst and endanger the items within. You want sturdy boxes for your interstate relocation, they will be traveling for quite a bit. It is alright to try and get the best price for quality boxes. It is not alright not to get quality boxes. If you value the safety of your items, that is.

You shouldn’t be cutting costs when moving interstate with your pet

Never try to save money on transporting your pet. Always make sure that your pet has great accommodation. You can save on everything else but your pet deserves only the best. They can’t speak for themselves and it is only right to provide them with a comfortable moving environment.

Make sure that your pet gets great accommodation.

Reliable moving professionals

Finally, you will want to hire reliable and trustworthy movers. If you want to cut costs and go with a moving company that offers great prices but you can’t see to find any reviews, it is your call. But it is a bad idea. Moving interstate means that a lot of things can “happen” and some companies that are not “on the up and up” might choose to take advantage. Hire them at your own risk.

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