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Reuse packing supplies after a Seattle move

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    Moving requires a lot of packing supplies. Most of these supplies are bought or rented from Seattle area movers. After the move, you will end up with a good size of used moving supplies. As you invested your money in these supplies, you can’t throw them away. After a hard task of unpacking and arranging everything in place, you have a pile of boxes, tapes, bubble wrapping, etc. As you are already tired from moving, these moving supplies usually end up in some corner of the room or basement. This certainly is not a solution to your current problem. For this reason, you should find ways to reuse packing supplies after a Seattle move. 

    How to reuse packing supplies after a Seattle move? 

    Moving boxes are the most reusable items from packing supplies. You can find a good number of ideas about what to do with them after parting ways with Southern California movers. The first and most useful solution is to use moving boxes as a storage option. Cardboard boxes can be used for storing shoes under the bed or stairs. These boxes are not just limited to storing shoes, you can store anything you want 

    In some cases, you won’t be needing all your household appliances immediately after the move. When apartment movers in Seattle bring them to your new home, you can store the ones you don’t need in the cardboard boxes. These boxes can also be a good plaything for your pets and kids. Additionally, if the boxes are in good shape, you can reuse them for the next relocation. 

    Reuse packing supplies after a Seattle move such as boxes next to the wall
    You can reuse cardboard boxes for multiple purposes

    What can you do with packing paper and bubble wrapping? 

    After boxes, the packing paper is another of the most used packing materials. The primary role of packing paper is protection, and you can use it again for that role. Usually, a new home requires a few upgrades such as painting walls, changing floors, and other work. After you finish relocation with long-distance moving companies Seattle, you can start with renovation. This is where packing paper comes in handy. You can use it as protection for floors when you are painting a room. 

    Bubble wrapping is expensive packing material, and if it’s usable, don’t throw it away. The best solution for babble wrapping is to use it as an insulator for windows and doors. Another good use to use it as stress relief by popping the air bubbles. 

    bubble wrapping
    You can relieve stress with bubble wrapping

    Packing peanut can also be reusable 

    Moving fragile items means dealing with a large number of packing peanuts. Besides keeping it for the next move, you can also use it as drainage for plants. Besides practical use, you can also use it for different types of creative projects. It’s always a good option to reuse packing supplies after a Seattle move. However, do not feel pressure to find a way to reuse them. You can also 

    • Give to family or friends 
    • Sell them 
    • Recycle 
    • Save for the next move 
    • Donate 

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