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Reasons you should move to Seattle this year

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Do you have to move to Seattle this year, and you are not sure that is the right choice for you? Don’t worry, it’s normal to feel a little bit unsure and scared when you are relocating to a new city. However, when you learn that Seattle is among the 10 best cities to live in the US, your worries will disappear. You will soon find out what makes Seattle so popular. From weather to housing and job options, the city has it all. Even your move will be more comfortable with Southern California movers. Reasons you should move to Seattle are easily found in this beautiful city. Here are just a few for you. 

One of the reasons you should move to Seattle is excellent job opportunities 

One of the main reasons why people move is for better job options. What makes Seattle so enticing is the above-average income that you will earn as a Seattle resident. The best job options have skilled and educated IT specialists. Tech business is flourishing right now in Seattle because of the well-known tech companies. So, if you are one of the IT specialists, don’t waste time, and call movers Seattle right away. 

Moving to Seattle will bring you a bigger salary, but also more expensive housing and transportation costs. The Seattle housing market is very competitive, which results in nearly three times more expensive prices for house buyers. The rent prices are not so drastically bigger than the average one in the US. For this reason, in the beginning, it’s better for you to look for condos and apartment movers Seattle. 

computers on the table
If you are looking for a job in the IT industry, you are in the right place

Neighborhoods, Schools and Universities 

Neighborhoods in Seattle are quite diverse. There are options for everyone’s taste and budget. In Seattle, you can find 18 distinct districts, which are even more divided into smaller neighborhoods. This makes a good number of neighborhoods to choose from. Here are a few neighborhoods, where your piano movers Seattle and other movers can bring you your items. 

  • Ballard 
  • Burien 
  • Greenwood 
  • Queen Anne 
  • Georgetown 
  • Capitol Hill 
  • Kirkland 

When talking about Seattle’s educations, it must be said that Seattle proudly holds the title of America’s most educated big city. The most prominent and well-known institute is The University of Washington. Besides this university, there are also other universities and colleges in Seattle and a couple of more located near the city. 

Reasons you should move to Seattle would be university surrounded by cherry blossom
Seattle is famous for having the University of Washington

Weather and lifestyle in Seattle 

Number one of the reasons you should move to Seattle this year is the cities lifestyle. Transportation is one of the best in the nation that your moving boxes Seattle will arrive fast. With this kind of transportation, you can easily reach all the amazing Seattle attractions and activities. You will never get tired of seeing the amazing Space Needle or Seattle Great Wheel.

Seattle has a reputation for being the rainiest city, but that’s not quite true. It’s true that it rains more than other cities, but Seattle isn’t even in the top 10 of the rainiest cities in the US. Seattle indeed is one of the cloudiest U.S. cities with an average of 225 cloudy days in a year. 

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