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Reasons to hire piano movers in Seattle

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Having a piano has its pros and cons. When it comes to moving a piano, it can be complicated and dangerous. Large belongings like a piano need to be moved by professionals who are trained to do such extreme tasks. Besides, it can cause harm if you try to do it yourself. We got you covered with information and reasons to hire piano movers in Seattle.

brown piano with roses
Moving a piano by yourself is not a smart idea.

Things you need to know about pianos

Pianos are super heavy. You can tell that by their looks. It is complicated to handle them safely and without damage. Piano movers in Seattle are specialized in moving pianos and handling them with care. It is always a smart idea to hire professionals when it comes to moving a piano. Besides their weight, they are bulky and have fragile parts. You can easily get hurt or damage your beloved piano in just one wrong move. When it comes to price, the average piano can cost from a few hundred dollars and all up to a few hundred thousand dollars depending on the model. There are three types of pianos. Grand usually weighs from 400lbs up to 1200lbs. Upright Piano is right behind and can go from 500lbs to 1000lbs. Digital Pianos are more lightweight but can go from 22lbs to 110lbs.

Checklist for piano relocation

There is plenty of reasons to hire piano movers in Seattle. When it comes to relocating your piano, here are some things you need to know and a checklist to keep you on track with the process. With some of the best Southern California movers, you will do more than fine. Here is what you need to write:

  • Hire piano movers in Seattle
  • Contact the company a week prior
  • Clean your piano
  • Cover the edges with soft materials
  • Mark the date in your planner
  • Sit back and let professionals take care of the relocation
Making plans to hire piano movers in Seattle
Making plans and following them step by step will help you big time.

Hire piano movers in Seattle

Some of the best and most reliable movers Seattle residents recommend offer a large spectrum of moving services, from relocations to packing. Besides, it is a professional moving company with years of experience. If you think you can relocate your piano with a group of friends, rethink that again. You can accidentally drop the piano and damage can be expensive.

Hiring piano movers in Seattle will be a stress-free and efficient solution. Equally for you and your friends. On the other hand, while professionals are taking care of your relocations, you can focus on planning your new music room. It is a fresh start, which means you can design your ideal space. Paint the walls, put some paintings, buy a new sheet music stand. Now is the ideal time to do so. Buy some plants to fulfill the space. Enjoy every moment.

three men putting wooden frame in the truck
Hiring piano movers will ease the process.

Design your new music space

You relocated your piano, moving boxes, and all equipment you needed for your music room. It is time to start designing your new space. First, buy a new piano bench. A small upgrade can affect your whole vibe. It can be refreshing and also good for your health if you like to spend hours on that bench playing. Pick a color for the walls. Bright colors can boost your creativity and put you in the mood. Shelves can be nice adding. Besides, it can be of great use. Add a vase with flowers or plants. Pianos should be positioned against an inner wall. Placed them away from sunlight and windows. With these placing methods, you will keep in shape your piano for years. When you cleaning, use only products meant for wood and pianos.

Bits of advice you might need to hire piano movers in Seattle

If you are moving your whole apartment, you should definitely consider hiring apartment movers in Seattle. It will be much easier for you to relocate your whole apartment with professional help. When the time comes to hire piano movers, here is what you need to know:

  1. Hire a piano moving company with years of experience
  2. Give them exact information about time and location
  3. Inform them a week before the move at least
  4. Explain your plan of the move
  5. Tell them about your piano model
woman and child playing piano
It is the perfect time to design your music space.

After the move

When everything is finished, here are some things you can do. If you are satisfied with the company and their help, give them a good rate. That will help other people too. Suggest them and recommend them to your friends and family. Next time when you need moving services, you will know what company to hire. After you have finished with everything, it is time to decorate. Depending on the room you want to put your piano in, there are a lot of ideas for decoration. Keep in mind that you might need some tapestry to isolate the sound and volume. As well as a tapestry, wooden details can be functional too. Paintings and plants will work also. Besides, it is a win-win situation when you can harmonize both good design and functionality. There are so many ways to channel sound. It will be fun to explore that topic.

Take care of your piano by hiring piano movers in Seattle

Pianos are magnificent and valuable instruments. If you take care of your beloved piano, it can last for eternity. Therefore, we connect them with so many memories during life. Safe relocation is one of these things. Make sure your piano is safely moved to your new place. One of the most important things is that your piano is handled by people with experience, who are educated in pianos. They are big and can easily be damaged, or somebody can get hurt. Besides, the best solution is always to let the professionals do their job. After everything is done and settled, it is your time to enjoy it now. Make a coffee. Start your day with a session on your beloved piano. Enjoy every minute of your day. 

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