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Reasons to avoid searching for movers on Craigslist

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    Craigslist is overall an amazing website where you can find an abundance of great offers. However, there are some sketchy deals out there that can be quite dangerous. For instance, if you want to find Southern California movers it’s better to go with reputable people and avoid searching for movers on Craigslist. The reasons for this are vast, and in this article, we are going to cover some of them. So, let’s get started right away!

    Don’t let the appeal of cheapness fool you

    Even though movers on Craigslist often offer much cheaper services, remember that cheaper is not always better. So, let’s say you are moving from California to Washington and this costs you some amount of money. For the purposes of this example, let’s say it costs you $2k. Once you choose trusted and registered movers, you will pay them and they’ll complete the move. However, on Craigslist, it’s not that simple. First of all, you don’t know with whom you are dealing. More often than not, they aren’t registered anywhere and they don’t have a license. This is a big problem on its own.

    Even though moving can cost quite a bit of money, it’s always better to hire reliable movers.

    With unregistered movers, you have no insurance and no guarantees. So, even if you pay a quarter of the price, it’s not worth it to end up with an empty home and no sight of the hired movers. Therefore, you should look for other ways to save money when moving and avoid searching for movers on Craigslist. Only go with trusted moving services Los Angeles and there won’t be any problems. Let’s move on to the next thing.

    Avoid searching for movers on Craigslist because you don’t want random strangers to know your home address

    Let’s face it, movers are practically strangers. However, when you are trying to reach Los Angeles interstate movers you should avoid searching for movers on Craigslist. Since there is no way to determine who they are and what intentions they have, it’s better to go with a trusted source.

    Person with mask on is threatened
    If you don’t want to be in danger, it’s best you avoid searching for movers on Craigslist.

    Picture this scenario. You just moved to your new home and nobody, except your closest friends and family, knows your address. The day after you settled in, you go out to get some groceries and you return to an empty home. Of course, you’ve been robbed. Now, the problem is who did it. You moved to a quiet neighborhood with a low crime rate and a friendly community. The most likely culprit is the “moving company” you hired through Craigslist. If that sounds too far-fetched, go online and read stories that people posted. The same is true if you are searching for storage units. So, if you want to, for example, look for movers who offer storage units DuPont WA, avoid searching for movers on Craigslist by all means.

    The last reason to avoid searching for movers on Craigslist

    Scams. There is an abundance of scammers out there, not only on Craigslist but in general. So, there are many moving scams smart people fall for and they are more common when you hire shady movers. Exactly that type of movers can be found on the aforementioned site. Therefore, whatever you do, always try and avoid searching for movers on Craigslist. Trust us when we say, you are much better off using the regular service, or even DIYing the relocation!

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