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Pros and cons of shared storage units in LA

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    In this age of consumerism, people often get too many items than they actually need. In almost every corner, especially on social media, you got bombard with cleverly placed ads. It’s no wonder you end up with way too many items on your hands. The in-home storage fills up quickly, and you must seek another option for storage. In this situation, a good solution for your growing problem is finding storage Los Angeles. Renting a storage unit showed a good and safe option for many people. If you don’t want to do it alone for some reason, you can always rent it with a friend or family. Before you take this step, you should know about the pros and cons of shared storage units. 

    First the pros from the pros and cons of shared storage units 

    The first benefit from shared storage units is the smaller cost. As you divide your monthly rent by two or more, you will naturally save money than renting it alone. The cost of renting storage units depends on several factors. The more prominent one is the actual size of the storage unit, and the others are location, storage duration, etc. 

    The factor that also affects the price of storage unite is if you hire Southern California movers to move, pack, and store your items. They will do it with diligence and care. The first problem can arise if your friend doesn’t want to hire movers to store items. This can lead to a bigger problem of dividing rent equally. It’s not surprising as to why is it not smart to mix business and friendship as money can easily drive a wedge between even the best friends. 

    person holding coins
    You can save money when renting a shared unit

    The size can be a pro and a con of a shared storage unit 

    As you divide the monthly cost with your friend, you can get a bigger storage unit for an acceptable price. Besides the good size of the storage unit, you should also check other crucial qualities of the storage unit. It’s reasonable that the size is the deciding factor in choosing one, but don’t forget to look for the following. 

    • Security of the storage unit 
    • Climate-controlled storage options 
    • Insurance 
    • Pickup and delivery services 

    The space in the storage unit should be divide equally between the parties. However, sometimes a friend can take advantage of your trust, and use more than agreed. This is not acceptable, and you shouldn’t let it go just for the sake of peace. As two adults, you can find ways to communicate and respectfully resolve conflict. 

    outside storage units
    You can rent a bigger storage unit

    Who is in charge? 

    From all of these pros and cons of shared storage units, one stood out the most and that’s deciding who is in charge. In the beginning, everyone wants to be in charge and to decide how to use storage space. However, when some problem appears, not everyone is willing to fulfill their responsibilities. This especially applies if there is only one signature on the contract. To avoid this unfortunate situation, when you sign the paper, make sure that every involved party puts their signature on the contract. 

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