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Prohibited items – the items Seattle movers won’t move

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Most of the countries in the world have laws that prohibit certain items. Whether these laws make sense to you or no, you don’t have a choice but to respect them. As a rule, those laws are there for general safety and eco-system preservation. In the United States, those laws exist too. Sometimes, they are universal. Most of the time, however, they differ from state to state. Here is the list of prohibited items in Seattle, Washington. At the same time, these are the items professional movers Seattle do not have the authority to move.

Narcotics and illegal drugs

As you already suppose, there are laws against the possession, use, and selling of illegal drugs in Seattle. On the other hand, you can have drugs like cannabis on you. Of course, this is only if you are using it for medical purposes. Besides, marijuana is permitted for medical reasons too. And in any case, since 2012 you can have less than 1 ounce of Marijuana on you. For any other narcotics, penalties are very strong. If you are using any kind of medication, try to have the doctor’s prescription with you.  Try your best not to put your movers or yourself in any inconvenient situation.

prohibited items, illegal drugs
As expected, illegal drugs are among the items that Seattle movers won’t move

Prohibited items in Seattle- weapon

For starter machine guns and short-barreled shotguns are prohibited across the States. You are not allowed to possess any individual part of those too. You can possess and use Short-barreled, but only following federal law. The same goes for the Suppressors. Whereas, those under 21 can’t have guns at all. In the state of Washington, in any case, you need a license to possess a handgun. Otherwise, it is a law breach. Special law applies for loaded handguns in vehicles like buses, cars, etc. Study those before considering transporting your handgun. In any case, laws are similar whether moving from Washington to California or vice versa. Nonetheless, you should still check them before the relocation. 

Illegal animals and wildlife

So, you decided to bring a pet into Seattle. And now you are wondering would it be too complicated. That greatly depends on what kind of animal you own. Many animals are forbidden to possess and bring into Washington State. This refers mostly to the dangerous, wild animals. But there are some additional ones on the list.

High- risk of spreading rabies group

The number one forbidden animals to bring into Washington are the animals that can potentially spread rabies.  Most of the mammals are able or can develop rabies. However,  some belong to the high-risk group. This group includes:

  • Skunks
  • Raccoons
  • Foxes
  • Bats

Of course, all of the animals mentioned above are prohibited in Seattle.

baby fox
Next, wildlife can’t be transported into Seattle

Wild animals

Possession and transportation of wild animals across Washington state are illegal. These are the animals that the international movers Seattle will have to refuse:

  • Bears
  • Bobcats
  • Deer
  • Elk

Also, you are not allowed to have some wild birds like Falcons, Pheasants, or Quail.

Dangerous animals

Animals like lions, tigers, wolves, bears, and similar represent a great danger to people and livestock. For that reason, you can not bring any of these animals into Seattle. Cobras, rattlesnakes, and crocodiles are another example.

Deleterious animals

Furthermore, some animals are not considered wild or dangerous, but they represent a threat to the ecosystem. These animals usually do not have a natural enemy. They are, therefore, easy to spread and overpopulate in the area. This can bring a huge disbalance to the environment. Examples of these are wild goat, wild sheep, reindeer, and similar.

What about the regular pets

Naturally, regular pets can come to Seattle. Your moving services Seattle will be happy to take your dog, provided that it has a vaccination certificate. For cats, you don’t need any certification. House birds, like parrots, are invited too. 

Plant restrictions and prohibited plants

If you were wondering whether you can bring your house plant to Seattle, here is the answer. You can bring most of the plants to the state of Washington. The only thing is, you need to present an inspection certificate with it. In other words, you need proof that the plant is free from pests and diseases. Similar to the animal law, the point is to protect the plants that are already in Seattle. The certificate will also state the origin of the plant. The name and classifications are also there. Information like this is important to the state that is receiving you.

Remember that story of a famous Texas cacti smuggler? A man in Texas admitted that he tried to sell cacti abroad. The main problem that it was a rare, endangered species of cacti. The distribution of rare plant species is illegal across the United States. Your Seattle movers will refuse to transport any such species.

rare purple flower
Naturally, endangered species are prohibited items

Inform yourself well about prohibited items

The bottom line is if you think you possess and need to relocate any suspicious item, better find the information about it ahead. Do careful online research. Alternatively, ask somebody who might have the information. Maybe you have a friend working in the border police or government. A good practice is to ask the people you are working with about their rules. In this case, those are the movers themselves. Do not ever assume! Or, hope that somebody else will take the responsibility.

Finally, moving is an adventure as such. There is no need for additional stress that prohibited items can create. When relocating, always think of ways to make things go easier. Besides, Seattle already has all that you need. There is no need for smuggling prohibited items. In conclusion, what you need is a smart relocation and as little complication, along the way, as possible.

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