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Preparing your team for an LA office move

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    Office moves happen for many reasons. No matter if you are upsizing or downsizing, it will be a process that requires planning. The biggest difference between an office move and a residential move is the fact that during an office move you will move a whole team of people. This might include a few people, or sometimes even more than 100. Whatever the size of your team, likely no one will want to focus on cleaning the office when there are many other things to do. That’s when some cleaning services Los Angeles can come in handy. During this challenging time, preparing your team for an LA office move the right way is mandatory, so let’s see how it should be done.

    Tips on preparing your team for an LA office move

    During a move, there will be many things that will need your attention, both physically and mentally. This will take a toll on even the most easygoing person. The thing is that when moving an office, you will move more than just one person or a family. A whole team of colleagues is about to experience a drastic shift, and you should prepare for that. Some of the things you can do for preparing your team for an LA office move apart from hiring some full service movers Los Angeles are:

    • Trying to keep productivity high
    • Delegate moving tasks
    • Make a good atmosphere
    Picture of a person preparing your team for an LA office move
    The preparations will take time

    High productivity

    No matter what you do, moving will decrease the productivity of your team at some point. Hiring some commercial movers Los Angeles might keep some pressure off, but a move is a move. Your team’s workspace where they spend a good part of their day will change, and they will react to this. Even positive reactions will have them distracted, and that’s when you need to step in. Offering rewards will increase the competitive spirit in your team, keeping everyone working.

    Delegate tasks

    The people in your office have been a team long before moving. But now you shouldn’t take all the tasks on yourself when you can get help. You cannot expect everyone to get involved and do important things, but everyone can use some moving boxes Los Angeles to pack up at least their workspace. Apart from diminishing your workload, they will also feel connected and involved in the move.

    Good atmosphere

    Moving makes people feel stressed, but you can at least try to keep moving stress at bay. The move will be the main topic amongst colleagues, but it can be a positive thing. Keeping the atmosphere relaxed and happy is key. You can even organize after-work hours gatherings with snacks and drinks to keep the morale high and motivate your team to push through this period.

    Picture of an office team laughing
    When preparing your team for an LA office move, keep up a good atmosphere

    Commercial moving is a challenge, but they make people grow. Preparing your team for an LA office move the right way will always result in success, which will only make you stronger as a team, ready for taking on new challenges in the ever-changing commercial world.

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