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Prepare carpets for moving from Denver

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    Moving can sometimes be exhausting. Especially if you have to prepare carpets for moving. If you are afraid or have a lack of experience in it furniture movers Denver residence recommends can help. Relocation requires a lot of preparation and planning. Which is crucial. If you on the other side decide to do it on your own, there are some essential things that you need to know. If you want to protect your carpets and prepare them for a safe relocation.

    How to prepare carpets for moving?

    There are several steps that are crucial in order to correctly prepare your carpets for moving. The most important is to clean them thoroughly before the move. You do not want a dirty carpet in your new home or office. Next is to determine the direction of the rug pile. The fibers of an area rug have a specific direction. You should rub your palm over the surface of the rug. You will notice right away which direction is smoother, and that is the one you should use when rolling up your carpet.

    Carpet cleaning
    Clean your carpet before packing.

    If you have expensive carpets, then you should consider hiring professionals. You can find local moving companies in Denver that will do the job for you. Those carpets need special care. If you roll your rug with the pile facing you, then you will put extra pressure on the backing of the rug. As most fairly inexpensive rugs are stiff-backed, this may lead to stretching and possible cracking. And you want to avoid that. That is why you should turn the carpet upside down so that the rug pile faces the floor. In order to prevent stretching and cracking. Next thing is to start rolling the rug slowly to create a tight cylinder. Which will be easier and safer in handling and moving. You should then tie it up.

    Get the right packing materials

    If you have small carpets then you can just roll them up and use a few pieces of rope to secure them. But if you have larger carpets that are more expensive and delicate you will need:

    • Large pieces of packing paper to prepare carpets for moving
    • Packing tape
    • A rope that you can cut according to your carpet size

    Do not use plastic to wrap the folded and secured rug. Use Kraft paper instead to wrap entirely the rolled carpet bundle. Then tape it up with packing tape to secure the packing paper.

    Kraft paper
    Use Kraft paper instead of plastic, to wrap the folded rug.

    The packing process can sometimes be tough and complicated. Commercial movers Denver residence recommends will handle your belongings with care. Always consider a couple of options to choose from. 

    In case you don’t have enough place for your belongings, you should consider getting a storage unit. Los Angeles Transfer and Storage is going to provide you with that. Depending on your needs and budget.

    Prepare carpets for moving is surely going to be an interesting experience. Whether you do it on your own or hire professionals to do it for you. Preparation and planning are crucial, not only for relocation but for the life itself.

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