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Pre-move cleaning tips

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    Moving out of your old place means that you will most likely want to have it clean, for various reasons. Perhaps you need to make sure to get that security deposit back, so you can hire relocation assistance Los Angeles, or you need to spruce up the place for sale or rent. Regardless of the reason, you should always make an effort to clean your old home before you move out. It is a proper thing to do. This article is going to provide you with some tips on how to go about pre-move cleaning with maximum efficiency.

    Pre-move cleaning – How to prepare?

    Before you can start with the cleaning, you will need to pack everything up and create as much open space as you can. It is a lot easier to clean in an open area, rather than in a room full of clutter. The boxes themselves are also a lot easier to move. Therefore, the best way to prepare for the cleaning process is to pack everything up before you start.

    Prepare for cleaning – declutter!

    Things to do before you start with pre-move cleaning?


    • Gather necessary cleaning supplies – You do not want to start cleaning and then figure out that you don’t have a solution for a problem at hand. Going to the store and buying the items that you need is a great way to lose energy and interest in cleaning. Make sure you have everything that you need before you begin.
    • Ask for some help – Where moving companies Orange County will help you with your relocation, your friends and family are the best ones to ask for cleaning help. You can even make it a fun event, with prizes and all!
    • Start with small repairs – There is always something to do in a home. The best way to start your cleaning efforts is to do small repairs on the walls or the floor, etc. The repairs themselves will inevitably create a bit more dirt, so you want them out of the way first.
    cleaning supplies
    Gather proper cleaning supplies before you start cleaning.

    Useful tip – Clean from the top and continue on to the bottom

    The best way to go about cleaning things is to start with the top and work your way toward the bottom. This technique will have you spending a minimal amount of energy for the task. You will start with the things that are closer to the ceiling, such as shelves and such. It is much easier to organize and you will not need to do the same thing twice, as if you’ve started with the floor.

    You should first dust off all the surfaces, then clean them thoroughly before starting to work on the floor.

    Finish your pre-move cleaning with windows and floors

    Once every room is sorted, top-to-bottom, it is time to finish your efforts with the windows and the floors. These are the areas that you need to save for last. They can easily get dirty by your other efforts.

    The best time to clean the windows properly is in the evening, due to minimal sun interference. The best way to clean your floors is to first vacuum and then mop.

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