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Practical gift ideas for friends or family who are moving in 2022

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Picking a gift for someone is always a thing that you need to think about well. When you have someone in your family or friends circle that is moving recently, they will probably organize a going away party. Finding a suitable gift for this occasion is even more difficult. People who are moving want to get rid of clutter as much as possible, so you need to give them something that they need. If they are moving with the help from Los Angeles Transfer and Storage, they probably won’t need much. This article will give you gift ideas for friends or family who are moving.

What are some creative gift ideas for friends or family who are moving?

Your loved ones will highly appreciate it if you buy them something that they need or something that will remind them of you. You can never know exactly what someone needs, but you can always recommend them some good furniture movers Los Angeles. Good movers are always a plus. Some creative ideas for a gift are:

  • Dual time watch
  • Long-distance keychain
  • Portable Wi-Fi device
  • Gift cards
Wrapped gift on a wooden surface
Thoughtful gifts will be highly appreciated by your loved ones

Dual time watch

If your loved ones are moving away to a different time zone using some moving services Los Angeles, they will need some time to get used to the different times. There will be no more calculations if you get this watch. It displays both the time in the place they came from and the new place. A useful gadget for knowing if it’s a good time to make a video call back home.

Long-distance keychain

Get two keychains, one in the shape of some landmark or the name of the new city and their old home. You keep the new one, and they take the one that represents their old home. This way, you will think of each other every time you pick up your keys, which is often. You will have a daily reminder to talk to your loved ones.

Portable Wi-Fi device might be one of the most useful gift ideas for friends or family who are moving

Nowadays, this might be one of the most important things to set up after moving from California to Florida. There is always a certain time frame between your moving-in date and the date that you set up your internet router. A portable Wi-Fi device will help them push through this time. Thank to this, they won’t have to pass a long time every day in a nearby cafe.

Gift cards

Whatever the occasion, gift cards are a good idea for a present. For people who are moving, the best ones would be gift cards for:

  • A hardware store
  • An airline
  • Target or Walmart

The chances are high that they will have plenty of trips to the hardware store, Target, and Walmart post move in. A gift card for an airline is a subtle way to tell them that you want visitors soon.

Person holding a gift card
Gift card is a very useful gift


With these gift ideas for friends or family who are moving, their bon voyage party will be a success. They will put the presents to good use, and you will be happy that you bought them something useful.

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