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Perfect house or perfect location in LA – what to look for when moving

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An average American moves about 8-11 times in their life. The reasons for the move are many. From better jobs and pay to being closer to your loved ones and so on. But if you decide it’s time to settle down and make a family or life on your own how do you do it? How can you find the perfect house or perfect location in LA to do it? Well, the movers Los Angeles can help you out. With their help and experience not only can you move safely but also give you tips on how to find the perfect home.

What is a perfect house?

This is a question with many different answers. As people all over the world have different likes and dislikes, as well as needs. From the big mansions, cottage houses, apartments, and so on the choices when picking out your home are endless. What are homes? Well, it’s a place of comfort. A place where we come after a long day of work to relax and escape reality. And even without noticing people decorate their homes in order to feel warm and safe. People who hired any international moving company Los Angeles has to offer have made it possible for those movers to bear witness to the abundance of different home tastes. But after interviewing many people, most have had similar opinions. And those opinions compiled into one makes the “perfect home”. Making it a step closer to finding your perfect house or perfect location in LA.

Los Angeles skyline shows the possibilities of finding the perfect house or perfect location in LA
A perfect house or perfect location in LA is not easy to find, but it’s far from impossible. So don’t worry about it and go on your house hunting journey.

Single level

Most people agree that single-level houses are better. It’s slowly rising in popularity again. It was also very popular post-war. The reasoning behind this is actually very simple. It’s a lot easier to take care of. In a single-level house, everything is within your reach. For cleaning, painting, or preparing. No need for big leaders just to clean the spiderwebs. Also for older people with leg problems, there are no stairs which will be a big hurdle in their everyday life.

Nine-foot ceilings

They have the ability to open up space and make everything look more luxurious and homey. All of that without increasing the home square footage. Although if the house you like has 8foot ceilings there is a possibility of adding on. The contractor will charge an additional $1 to $2 per square foot of living area for the upgrade. But it’s a very marketable feature that would pay off greatly if you one day decide to sell your home.

A white appartment with high ceiling
High ceilings are not a new thing. Throughout the world’s history of architecture, they can be seen at various temples, forts, castells, and so on. Like one of the signs of aristocracy and luxury.

Southern Exposure

Having it has many benefits all year long. For example, in winter you get sunlight with turns into free heat. Also, sunlight chases away the winter blues and will help you brighten up your mood. In summer if you have trees planted near them your home will stay cool. If you have a lot of plants they will blossom under southern exposure. And also if you are interested in solar energy it’s ideal for solar panels. A perfect house or perfect location in LA will probably have southern exposure.

Outdoor living space

Being outside is nice as it helps people relax and be happy. Many people interviewed have expressed the desire for patios and decks. It’s so desirable that it’s proven that if you install a patio or a deck if you sell your home you will get more than 100% of your investment back. 

Maximized insulation

Maximizing your insulation is not a feature you can see. But as time goes on it’s definitely something you will feel. It helps lower energy requirements and keeps your indoor temperatures stable.

Outdoor porch
Places outside of the house are nice for relaxing with family, and friends. Especially during those warm summer nights, with music and refreshments.

Master Bedroom

No matter how close some families are there is still a need for separate Master bedrooms. Sure we do understand that at times there is a need for closeness, for example when there are babies and little kids involved. But as they grow up it’s shown that some separation is healthy as well. For a single-level house, the ideal room placement has three “wings”. A master suite on one end, kids’ and guest rooms (plus bath) on the other, and a common living/kitchen area in the middle. Movers Orange County have helped many people move into similarly layered homes.

Los Angeles communities

When people decide it’s time to move to chase their dreams, jobs, or family before they call and ask about moving quotes Los Angeles movers have available there is something else to do. They need to look for their perfect house or perfect location in LA. Los Angeles is a big city. And with a big city comes a huge number of citizens, making many different types of communities and neighborhoods. That means there is a place for everyone. No matter what your likes and dislikes are. The chances you will find a place in LA where you will fit are huge.

Playa del Rey & Playa Vista

These two hidden gems are near Venice and Santa Monica beach. But their prices are lower. Being a small beach town it looks like heaven on earth. Especially for people looking to escape the chaotic life of Los Angeles. You will have plenty of independent stores and restaurants to visit. But if shopping is not your thing, the beach is just around the corner. Los Angeles Airport is just a street away. Playa Vista is home to Loyola Marymount University, so it’s a nice place for students as well.

Beach behind buildings
There is something for everyone here. From shops and cafes to beautiful beaches.

Beverlywood & Cheviot Hills

It’s located so close to Beverly Hills that you’ll be able to smell its expensive coffee. With a location like this one, you will be close to the main attractions. But at the same time, you won’t feel like you are in the middle of a bustling city. It has beautiful parks and palm-lined streets, giving everyone who lives here a postcard feel of LA. It’s a nice place where you can find the perfect house or perfect location in LA to settle down. There are many types of storage Los Angeles has to offer. So why not pick one and place your items and enjoy and explore this area like a tourist before picking where to move?

Downtown LA

A place where artists all over the world gather. Downtown LA is perfect for single people who like to work but party even more. It wasn’t always a nice and safe place to live. But over the years it has evolved into a hub for artists. It has many museums, art galleries, music spaces, and anything and everything for the lovers of arts. Although the rents can be quite steep the overall affordability is medium. There are cheap foods to be found everywhere. Not to mention the amounts of money you will save on transport. You should really consider Downtown LA when picking out your perfect house or perfect location in LA.

Skyline of Downtown LA
Downtown LA is a nice place for the younger generation chasing their dreams, of being world renowned artists.

Los Feliz

Adjacent to Hollywood and Silver Lake it’s a wonderful place where you can enjoy all of the things that make LA famous. Except for the beach. Surrounded by nature and beautiful scenarios, it is perfect for those who enjoy outdoor activities. For example, Griffin Park (one of the attractions in the neighborhood) is perfect for hikers, joggers, or people who like to look cool in their active wear. But from the Observatory on top of  Griffin Park, a clear view of the Holywood sign is shown.

Santa Monica

How can we speak of the perfect house or perfect location in LA without mentioning Santa Monica? Filled with restaurants that can satisfy any foodie. Shops that are heaven on earth for anyone enjoying shopping. Beautiful beaches as well as the chance to meet some of the world’s biggest celebrities on the streets. What more could you want? Not to mention Santa Monica Pier where you can go on dates with your loved ones.

Echo Park

A place like downtown that was at one point unsafe, but with time became a very nice place to live at. If you at the time decide to move to Echo Park and are in need of services for moving boxes Los Angeles has, then worry no more. Many moving companies have adapted to the rise of Echo Park in recent years. Dodger Stadium stands as one of the most iconic parts of this neighborhood. Also, its beautiful lake is the center of all the dates. A lot of greenery, parks, Victorian-style craftsman houses, and what more would you want?

Silver Lake

Located between Echo Park and Los Feliz it is a breath of fresh air. A mix of greenery and modern life. It gives the vibe of both neighborhoods combined just with better safety. If Silver Lake was a kid it would be the cool kid at school. Everyone would like to be him.  Located only a few miles from the famous Sunset Boulevard it has amazing walkability. There are plenty of stores and restaurants located in the area. But you will be surprised! There are no major chains in the area! The whole neighborhood’s community supports mom-and-pop shops. As well as independent eateries instead of the big world-renowned chains.

A man in a car next to a lake
Silver Lake is also one of the nicest date destinations in LA. Imagine a nice lake a boat and a scene from “The Notebook” comes to mind

What to choose – perfect house or perfect location in LA?

Well to be honest perfect is a very hard thing to active. Especially dealing with things that can be affected by outside forces. Be ready to compromise on some things. Sometimes when we call residential moving companies Los Angeles CA we have already made sure we are 100% moving. And we have already picked out our home. So what have you decided? You see in cities as big as LA it’s hard to find everything in one place. So at times, you will find yourself having to give something up. For example, if you find a neighborhood that you like but it’s a distance away from your work. Then you sacrifice your time. If you find something close by but it doesn’t have the porch you always wanted then you sacrifice that.

People are the ones that create perfect home

All in all, if a place fits most of your criteria it’s already good enough. Just don’t forget that neighbors are as important as your neighborhood. Well, they are half of the story. Make sure they are nice people, and that you are safe. Long distance movers Los Angeles will help you with your move wherever it is. As long as you are happy with it. A perfect house or perfect location in LA is important. But what makes a home perfect is you. The people in it, as well as your decorations that will bring life to the empty rooms. As for the neighborhood, a big part is the memories you will make there. What makes a place perfect are our emotions and dedication. It’s easy to buy a house, but it’s hard to make a home. A breath of fresh air in the mornings, while you drink your first coffee on your favorite sofa, next to your loved one. That is what makes a house, a home.

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