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Packing tips for seniors in Colorado

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No matter what the reason is for your move if it’s the fact that you want to be closer to your grandchildren or you have just found a home in some quiet place to spend your retirement days, the moving project can be very challenging and stressful. This is even more difficult if you have a certain medical condition or you have some difficulties to make certain moves or a disability. So, you have to make a plan and start early to have enough time to pack and prepare everything for the move. To make it easier yourself, get in touch with the movers in Denver and let them conduct your relocation. Choose a moving company that is reliable and that can help you with packing and moving. If you prefer doing it yourself check out these packing tips for seniors.

Make a plan

Whatever you do, do not start without a plan. Make a list, and follow the steps. Here are some steps for seniors packing:

  • declutter your home
  • leave yourself enough time, one of the best packing tips for seniors
  • provide packing supplies
  • rent a moving truck
  • hire reliable movers and packers if you
to do list
Do not start without a plan.

Packing tips for seniors

This is an ideal moment to declutter your home. There are certainly a lot of unnecessary items that have accumulated during the years. You can throw them, give them away, or store them. If you’re having trouble figuring out what to toss, look for these signs that something is best thrown out or given away: you never took it out of the box, it is old or out of date, it doesn’t fit you anymore, if it hasn’t been touched in more than a year and holds no sentimental value.

Find a storage unit that suits your needs and store your items until you decide where to place them. Take the measures of each item you will relocate to your new home so you can see if it can fit in your new place. In case you have some massive furniture you will have to disassemble it. So, be sure you provide proper tools for disassembling. If you have limited mobility, leave as much empty floor space as possible. Packing too many objects into your smaller space will make your moving difficult.

You should start early with these preparations. Provide enough packing supplies in case you have some very valuable items. They need to be treated with extra care. If you have any medical condition or limited mobility, all of this will be more difficult. So, give yourself enough time to pack and relocate everything. Packing belongings is often too much for seniors to handle. In that case, ask for help. Contact a moving company and check your options, if it is possible to hire packers. Professional packers not only take the stress out of moving, but they also will complete the job much faster, and they will also bring their own supplies. So you won’t have to think about that.

two adults
Packing and moving can be very difficult for seniors, so make sure you ask for help.

Hire reliable movers

As already said moving as senior can be a lot more difficult. So, you can do a little research about cross country movers Denver has, and hire them. You will get an estimate and then you can decide if your budget can afford that. Contact several companies. There are some of the companies that give some discounts or special offers for the moving or packing of the seniors. So, consider that too.

It is really important to hire a reliable moving company that will pack and relocate your items with care. They can offer you insurance in case of damage or loss of your items. So, your item will be repaired or your money will be reimbursed. It would be good to take photos of the items before the move to show proof of their condition. Also, reliable moving companies are well prepared and equipped for moving and packing seniors, and all the types of relocation interstate or local. They can provide you with full service if needed, from packing to loading, relocation and finally unloading the moving truck. Moving companies have a lot of different vehicles and moving vans for relocating your inventory. If you rent only a van, make sure you choose the right size so you can place there all your belongings.

Make your moving easier with these packing tips for seniors

After all of your planning, packing and preparation, when moving day finally arrives, you want everything goes smooth. Do not lift anything yourself. This can lead to injuries. Get sufficient help, you can’t handle your move alone, you will be needing an extra pair of hands. Use proper lifting techniques. When packing your items don’t pack any boxes that weigh more than 50 pounds. You can leave the heavy lifting to someone younger, or just use a dolly. Maybe it would be useful to read some manuals with the tips for packing seniors.

Think about your health too. Make sure you take care of your nutritional needs. It’s easy to skip meals and drink breaks ehen you are preparing for the move. Make sure you get hydrated, and provide plenty of food for yourself and your team of movers too. Set the time schedule, and keep everyone on task. Go step by step.

old people with kids
When you settle in your new home, call your family to visit.

After the move, get to know your new neighbors. Establishing social connections as soon as possible will help you feel at home in your new space. Unpack your belongings or ask your movers to do that. You can lead them and show them where to place your items, what goes where. Once you settle down, you can call your family to visit you in your new home. These are some packing tips for seniors that could be helpful. Take your time, follow your plan and everything be just fine.

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