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Packing order for your Colorado to California move

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    If you are moving from Colorado to California, you will want to pack your belongings in a specific order. This will make the move go more smoothly and ensure that nothing is damaged in transit. Professional movers and packers Los Angeles can help you in the process. But there are several things you’ll need to organize yourself.  Here we will discuss the packing order for your Colorado to California move.

    The most important rules for packing order

    Moving from Colorado to California can be stressful. To make things easier, make the plan before starting packing. Packing is not the time to wing it. Packing order matters and can save you a lot of headaches down the road. Whether you pack yourself or hire professional packers, by following these simple tips, your Colorado to California move will go much smoother.

    1. Separate items that you will need right away. These include clothes, toiletries, and important documents.

    2. Pack heavier items on the bottom of boxes and lighter items on top. This will help keep boxes from becoming too heavy and falling apart during transport.

    3. Label each box with its contents and destination room. This will make it easier for professional packers to know where each box should go when they are unloading it at your new home

    4. First pack the things you won’t be needing, like off-season clothes, extra bedding, books, china…

    Packing order when moving is important - person packing china in the box
    Packing order is important – first pack the things you won’t be needing immediately

    How to pack for your California move

    Even if you hire moving services Los Angeles to pack your belongings, it is important that you plan and organize the packing.  First, declutter your home. Remove all things you won’t be bringing with you. Decide what things you can sell, what you will donate, and what is junk and should be thrown away. Then decide what things you won’t need immediately and let them be packed first.

    Those boxes can be stored for a while while you unpack the things you need on daily basis. This way you can release pressure and unpack at your own pace. Also, you can consider renting a storage units Denver. You should rent one if you must do some renovation in your new home, and furniture and all those boxes will just be in the way.

    Room packing order and labeling

    The packing process for your Colorado move will be easier if you make a plan for the room packing order. Start with the attic or basement, then the kitchen, living room, and kid’s room. Leave the bedroom and bathroom for the end, so you can sleep well in these days of chaos. Make labels for each room so your professional movers know where to put boxes upon arrival. Empty the cabinets, and make sure to protect large pieces of furniture If you need to transfer a piano, professional piano movers Los Angeles are here to help.

    Grand piano with chair
    Moving a piano is something you should leave to professional movers

    Packing order for your Colorado to California move may seem less important than other things you have to do. However, if you follow these simple rules, your California move will be less stressful. Don’t forget to pack snacks and drinks for moving day! You’ll be glad you did when you’re hungry and thirsty in the middle of all the unpacking!

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