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Packing musical instruments for a long-distance move

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Moving is a long process. It demands a lot of preparation and a good plan to get all done without stress. This is the best time to go through your stuff and decide what you will move with you or not. If you have a musical instrument to pack you should do it with extra care. Pianos, guitars, cellos, violins, etc. are the items that need special care so you should be very careful. Musical instruments can crack or break if they are not well prepared for relocation or for storage. Do the research and get in touch with affordable moving companies Los Angeles and choose the one that suits your needs. Yous should choose the one that is most experienced in packing and moving musical instruments. If you decide to do it yourself here are some tips to help you with packing musical instruments.

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Prepare for packing musical instruments

The first tip is not to save on packing supplies. You should have enough:

  • large boxes
  • inflatable cushions
  • packing peanuts
  • towels
  • bubble bags
  • stretch wrap
  • packing tape
  • stretch wrap for packing musical instruments
  • scissors
  • proper tools

Prepare well your instruments so they do not get damaged during de move. When packing and shipping musical instruments, you need to first loosen lightly the strings. The box you choose will need to accommodate several inches of packing peanuts all the way around. Place the instrument inside its case and if there is a lot of free room, use crumpled paper to fill in the empty spots. Always mark which side should be up.

musical instruments
Pack carefully your musical items to prevent the damage during the move.

Brass instruments

These instruments need to be disassembled first. Remove the mouthpiece and pack it separately. If you do not have a hard case that you normally use to store the brass or woodwind instrument then you will wrap every individual piece in a few layers of bubble bag.  The box you use should be large enough to allow for a layer of inflatable cushions or packing peanuts. Give woodwind and stringed instruments 24 hours to acclimate after a move before using them.


As already said, the best would be to pack all the instruments in their original cases. But if you don’t have them, you should provide large enough cardboard boxes. Check with your local music supply store to see what boxes are available. Remove the rims and heads, and nest the drums by placing one inside the next. Tension rods and other small pieces of hardware should be placed in a separate plastic bag and sealed shut. Legs should be placed together and packed with bubble bags. Before placing the drums in the box, add a layer of peanuts or crumpled paper. It is important to do it so they are not able to move around inside. Also, it wouldn’t be bad to consult some manuals in order to pack instruments properly.

man and woman playing their instruments
Stringed instruments are maybe the most fragile.

Stringed instruments

Cellos, harps, guitars, and all stringed instruments need a lot of extra care during packing. Firstly, the strings need to be loosened. Place the instrument inside a hard case and fill it with crumpled paper especially around the headstock. Never use packing peanuts or shredded paper because they can get inside some stringed instruments. Be careful about that.

If you do not have the hard case the entire instrument will need to be wrapped in a bubble bag. You can also use a garbage bag or dry cleaning bag. Seal this with tape before wrapping in a bubble bag so you prevent water from getting to the instrument. The box you choose will need to accommodate several inches of packing peanuts all the way around. Always mark which side should be up and gently shake the box to evaluate if you hear any movement. If you do, you can add some crumpled paper. Remember that string instruments are the most fragile ones, so packing musical instruments such as them will require additional focus.


Moving a piano is never simple nor easy. You should measure any place in your home that the piano will pass through. Make sure floors are properly protected, and furniture that could potentially hit the piano is removed before moving it. Before moving a grand piano, it’s especially important that you lower and secure the top lid. If you can, take a screwdriver to disassemble the piano pedals and legs. You should close and lock the keyboard cover, all removable parts. Make sure you put additional wrapping and protective layers on the legs and pedals. Secure all blankets with tape. Make sure these pieces are safe and secure, then gently tilt the piano onto the piano board. After you successfully move the grand piano into your new home, you’ll need to re-assemble the legs and pedals. Make sure to have a team of people there to assist when moving the piano. Once the move is complete, I recommend re-tuning your piano and giving it a good clean using a damp washcloth.

Make sure you get some help when moving a piano.

Moving and packing musical instruments

Whenever you are moving it is very stressful. It demands a lot of preparation, packing supplies, planning. It can be very expensive too. Think it through, is it worth doing it on your own. If you are not well prepared, you can end up injured. So it is for the best to contact your movers to manage your moving.

Packing musical instruments is not easy at all. It is a struggle that can often lead to unplanned expenses and damages if not done properly. Don’t forget to keep musical instruments at room temperature. Follow these tips for packing your musical instruments. But if you do not feel prepared for doing that by yourself then you should hire professional movers to conduct your move and take care of your belongings and especially with your beloved instruments.

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