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Packing liquids for a move

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Packing liquids follow similar procedures as all of your other items. Yes, they do require some special considerations but for the most part, good planning and organizing will go a long way. For example, if you are moving to Seattle from Los Angeles, you will need to create an inventory list and do some decluttering before you can get to packing liquids for a move. This article will show you how to best go about the whole process

Useful tips for packing liquids for a move

Here is what you might want to do, in order to have an easier time:

  • Create an inventory list
  • If you don’t need it – get rid of it!
  • Pack liquids for a move together
  • Use proper packing techniques and materials
  • Use plastic bins to pack liquids for the move and be sure to label
Create an inventory list first!

Create an inventory list

The absolute first thing that you need to do is to create an inventory list of all your items. This will form a base for your relocation efforts and will be quite useful all around. You may also be quite surprised when you write everything down. On paper, your entire household inventory list is sure to provide a laugh or two. And you simply can’t get enough of laughter, take it where you can find it.

Laughter aside, you will also figure out if you have too many (or too few) of any particular item. The same goes for liquids. You may already figure out which liquids you want to transport and which ones you want to purchase once you arrive at the new destination, just by writing the list. Do keep in mind that there are liquids that are simply not allowed inside a moving truck, regardless of who is driving it.

The best way to figure out which liquids are safe for transport is to simply go down the list and cross-reference it with a list of hazardous materials. However, common sense applies and if it is anything that is flammable, toxic, or highly explosive, you will have to dispose of it.

If you don’t need it – get rid of it!

And on the subject of disposing, it is best not to carry items that you will not actually use. There are bound to be liquids inside your household that have been there for ages and not seen any use. Consider whether you want to carry them just because or if you really need them. Simply put, the fewer liquids that you have to transport, the better.

Basically, if you haven’t used them in the last decade, it is safe to assume that you will not be using them anymore. In fact, even if you haven’t used it in a year it is highly likely that you will not use it at all. The same goes for any liquid that went over the expiry date. Toss it away.

After that, you might want to check if the containers are intact. If they are not, throw them away, as they might pose a danger to your other belongings. Ditto with small amounts of liquids left within their containers.

Throw away unnecessary and expired liquids.

You can always donate the liquids that you are not using but are valuable enough not to throw away. Alternatively, if you have too many liquids to carry but are unsure whether they will all fit inside your new home, consider renting storage Dupont, WA for all your storing needs. If you absolutely have to take them with you and you have no room for them, that is the perfect solution.

Pack liquids for a move together

When the time comes to actually pack liquids, the best way to do so is to pack them together. Even if a spill happens, it will be within special containers and will not cause further damage to your other items. What you want to do, first, is to separate them by type. Toiletries can go alongside cosmetics. Various kitchen liquids like sauces and oils can be another group. Finally, you can place all the cleaning products in yet another group. You’ve already sorted them out while doing inventory so this process will be a walk in the park. However, you can also hire a professional mover and get their packing services. A professional moving crew has the experience and packing liquids won’t be a problem for them.

Use proper packing techniques and materials

You will need some materials for safe packing liquids for a move. The most common ones are plastic wrapping, packing tape, some rubber bands, and garbage bags. You will want to start by securing the opening first. You can use plastic wrap, cut into squares which you will place on top of the liquid’s container, once unscrewed. After that, you simply screw it back as tight as possible. You know you did it right if there is some plastic visible, below the top.

After that, you will also want to put additional wrapping on the top, making a sort of a double barrier. Secure it with either a rubber band or packing tape.

You should also line your moving boxes if you are using them to transport liquids. Obviously, the best way to transport them is within plastic boxes but sometimes you cannot choose. Simple line the box with a garbage bag so that the opening of the box is facing up. Secure the bag properly and you will be good to go.

Use plastic bins to pack liquids for the move and be sure to label

The reason why plastic bins are vastly superior to cardboard or other containers is that the spills are easily contained. Plastic is also a lot easier to clean, even in the case of a mess. Really, they are the smart way to pack liquids for relocation.

plastic boxes
Transport your liquids in a plastic box!

Just make sure to properly label everything as that is really important when handling and transporting liquids. It is paramount that whoever is handling them knows which side is up, for obvious reasons. It will also make the work of unpacking a lot easier. In order to cover all the bases, make sure that the labels contain words “fragile” “liquids” and “this side up”. You never want to leave anything to chance when packing liquids for a move, if you can help it.

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