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Packing household items for long-term storage 101

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Storage units provide a great utility when moving or needing extra space. Their overall advantages will almost always outweigh their biggest disadvantage – cost. Surely, the price of the unit you rent will highly depend on two things: the size of the unit and the duration of rent. Of course, there are other things to consider, like adding special conditions for the items within, etc. However, today we are going to help you with packing household items for long-term storage. If you plan on renting a storage unit, from Los Angeles Transfer and Storage, for example, you need to ensure that each item inside is safe. Furthermore, the longer you plan on keeping the item inside the unit, the better protection it will need. Granted, you will also have to visit your unit frequently. But, we will talk more about that in the article below.

Packing household items for long-term storage: How to prepare and what is there to know about this process

Deciding to store items in a long-term storage unit will require a lot of preparation and caution. More importantly, it will pose a constant obligation for you. Just because you rent a unit and place items inside, does not mean that you should neglect it. On the contrary, you should devote a certain day of the month, for example, when you will visit the unit and make sure everything is okay. Even if you decide to rent climate-controlled storage Los Angeles, you will still need to ensure the safety of the items within.

a man carrying a box while the woman is packing household items for long-term storage
Obtain adequate packing supplies, label the boxes and devote enough attention to each item you pack

However, it all comes down to the way you prepare and protect your belongings before placing them inside the storage unit. Today, we are going to focus on the pacing part of the process and leave it to you to come and visit your items frequently. So, without further ado…

Why is it important that you properly pack and protect your items?

Well, for one, many items are fragile or require special conditions. For instance, if you plan on storing wooden furniture will mean that you need to ensure that there is no excess water nearby or any humidity or moisture. Wood is very susceptible to moisture and can lose quality and overall functionality. On the other hand, we have the duration of the unit rent. Because we are talking about long-term storage, you need to protect your items in the long term. This means applying adequate protection to each item so they can survive for longer periods inside a unit. Because you opt for storage to ensure your items are safe, you need to do your part and increase their overall safety. Careful packing will also ensure the item’s longevity.

Picking the right unit is very important

Both the size of the unit, as well as its conditions play a role in the safety of your items. If you opt for a smaller unit, for example, you will have a harder time protecting your items, as you will most likely have to stack them on one another. On the other hand, opting for a unit that is larger will ensure you have enough room to carefully organize everything so you can be sure your items are safe.

three blue-dyed storage doors with numbers on them
If you are going to rent a long-term storage unit, make sure you choose the ideal location, size and conditions the unit provides

Furthermore, aside from the size, the conditions you choose also matter. As we were saying above, you should choose adequate conditions, depending on the type of item you want to place inside. Accessibility and convenience are the two things you should think about when choosing your storage unit. Once you know you made the right choice, packing household items for long-term storage can commence.

Packing household items for long-term storage: Choose the right materials

The packing supplies you choose will also be one of the most vital parts of your item protection. When it comes to containers, your best choice is either cardboard or plastic containers. Generally, you want to avoid storing items in bags or suitcases. Firstly, bags provide practically no protection and can easily cause more harm than good. On the other hand, suitcases are not very convenient for storage, nor can they hold too many items. Furthermore, if you plan on hiring appliance movers Los Angeles, for example, to move your household appliances to storage, you will need to protect them properly. Luckily, flattening the cardboard can provide good protection around your appliances. Plastic boxes, on the other hand, are very good for storing clothes or softer materials. Finally, make sure you have enough bubble wrap, packing plastic, etc.

Devote time to each item individually

Yes, this might be a little daunting, but it is necessary. The more attention you devote to the items you pack, the safer they will be. So, instead of simply “running through” your items, actually, pay attention to how you protect them. Granted, this might be one of the most stressful parts of the packing process, but you can rest assured that the items you move are safe.

a woman packing books in packing paper
Whether you plan on storing books, cupboards, furniture, or appliances, make sure you devote enough attention to each item you have to pack

On the other hand, start by packing smaller items on a soft surface. For instance, place items on your rug and pack them there. That way, you reduce the chance of breaking any of the items. In addition, if you have to tackle larger items, like furniture, you can always rely on furniture movers Los Angeles. Regardless of the weight, size, or fragility of the item you pack, you should strive to devote an equal amount of attention to each.

A couple of quick tips

Packing household items for long-term storage will surely take some of your time. However, this does not mean that you should rush the process. To help you grasp it even better, here are some quick tips you can utilize:

  • Smaller boxes can carry more weight
  • Always place the largest or heaviest items at the bottom of the container
  • Time is of the essence, so do not wait until the last minute to pack
  • Try to tackle the larger items first and later deal with smaller ones
  • Always disassemble a bulky item if possible to make your job easier

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