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Packing glassware for Denver storage

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Moving is always an exciting adventure. Especially when packing glassware for Denver storage. You can always find moving services in Denver that the residence recommends. And they will do the job for you. On the other hand, you can do it on your own. In that case, you need to prepare well in order to pack your fragile items for relocation.

Gather the right supplies when packing glassware for Denver storage

In order to protect your delicate belongings, you will need the right packing material. It should include:

  • Cardboard cell box for glassware
  • Packing paper
  • Bubble bags are a must when packing glassware for Denver storage
  • Packing tape
  • Towels
  • Permanent marker

If you don’t have experience and the nerves for your delicate glassware, you should hire professionals. When choosing reliable movers always get quotes. Moving quote Denver can estimate the cost of all the services you need. And advise you to choose the best option according to your budget.

How to pack your glassware

When it comes to this you should always the heaviest and sturdiest glassware. And ending with the most fragile in the top half of the box. It is important that you properly wrap the items with a lot of packing material. Each piece should be wrapped individually for the best protection. Also, be sure to paddle the top and the bottom of the box. A lot of professional movers Denver residence recommends can make your life a lot easier. They will do everything instead of you.

packing glassware
Handle your glassware with care.

Put a piece of glassware on wrapping paper. Try to insert some paper into the open end of the dish. That way you will provide more cushioning and avoid damage. Fold both sides of the packing paper up and over it. Roll and tuck sides in as you roll each piece. Make sure to always wrap each dish separately. For crystal or very thin glassware, you can double wrap by repeating this same procedure. It will provide more protection, especially with another additional sheet. The more paper you use the more layers and better protection you will get. And provide good cushioning.

When you’re done packing a box, fill in any empty spaces with paper for cushioning and put an extra layer of paper on top. Also, be sure to clearly mark your boxes as fragile, so movers know to be extra careful with those boxes and not to stack them on top of each other. Now that your glassware is packed you will need to find reliable southern California movers that will relocate your belongings. When comparing companies, check at least 4 to 5 of them. That will give you a better overview of the prices and services.

Find the right storage facility

In case you can not fit your delicate glassware you should find an appropriate storage unit. To safely store your belongings until you need to use them again in your new home. You can find many storage units Denver has to offer. Always ask your friends and colleagues for a referral.

Storage unit
Find the right storage for your belongings.

Packing glassware for Denver storage can be a fun experience. You just need to prepare well and follow the rules in order to secure your delicate glassware. Have fun and enjoy.

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