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Pack your ski gear for a Denver storage

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    Pack your ski gear after the season is over can be quite challenging. There are some rules and steps you should follow in order to pack your ski gear properly. If you however do not have enough room for your gear storage units Denver residence recommends can help you with that. You need to prepare your ski gear before you can store them in your home or storage facility. Here are some tips you should follow in order to pack your ski gear after the season is over.

    Make an inventory before you pack your ski gear

    Your ski gear might have suffered some damage during the ski season. Depending on that damage and how old your gear is, you might have to repair it or replace it. Either way, you should do those necessary repairs right after the season.

    skies prepared for usage
    You might have to repair or replace your skies, depending on the damage.

    Better do it on time than before the beginning of winter. In case you chose a storage unit and are not able to transport your gear there, moving services in Denver can help you with that. Do an inventory of what needs to be repaired or replaced. So you can do it on time.

    Fix your gear

    In order to prepare your ski gear for storage you should:

    • Check your gear for nicks and scratches before you pack your ski gear
    • Repair if needed, or replace them
    • Wax the skies

    Pull out your skis, boards, poles, helmet, etc., and check every piece thoroughly. If the damage is a few nicks and scratches, get them patched up before putting away your gear. If you find that the damage is more serious, decide whether you should pay the extra money to get it fixed, or if it’s worth investing in new gear to replace the damage.

    Snowboards in line
    You can either do the repairing on your own or take your gear to a professional.

    As you already know, rust, dry bases can be prevented by a good end-of-season wax. You can do it on your own or go to a shop to get it done. Either way, a thick coat of wax will keep your board or skis protected from humidity over the summer. You should tune your edges as well and dismantle your bindings. You might consider storing them separately. Professional movers Denver residence recommends can help you move your gear to the storage unit. Preparation is the key to success!

    Properly pack your ski gear

    Now it is time to properly pack and store your gear. If you have a lot of items to transport, do the research about a moving quote Denver moving companies offer. Choose the best offer that suits your needs. Store your gear in a temperature-controlled unit. Not too hot, not too cold, and definitely not too humid.

    You want to avoid storing your skies in direct sunlight. Southern California movers can help you relocate your gear anywhere. Your skis should be leaning against the wall or an object. But the best option is to just lay your skis on their sides on the ground. As long as your skis aren’t strapped together too tightly, and they aren’t left in a position that would warp their bodies, they’ll be perfectly safe.

    Pack your ski gear for storage or home can be interesting. Good preparation and tuning your gear can be of great help. You can tune up your skies alone or with a help of a professional. You should look for a shop near you, so you can be prepared for the next season and enjoy the mountain.

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