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Pack your pantry for a move from Burbank, CA

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You have probably started packing your belongings and the time has come for you to pack your pantry for a move. You may feel overwhelmed, but you will soon realize that it is not as complicated as it seems. As a matter of fact, we are going to provide you with some useful pieces of advice on the matter. Should you put them into practice, packing your pantry will become a simple task. So, take your time and prepare yourself for packing the pantry like a pro.

First of all, check all of the items you have in the pantry

This is one of the most important steps for two reasons. The first one is that there probably are some items you should throw away. The second one is to know how many packing supplies you are going to need. You may have missed that certain items are no longer usable which means that they should not be packed. Therefore, once you come across an item of this kind, put them aside or throw them away immediately.

People packing food
Check what kind of food you have before you start packing- it may happen that some items should be thrown away

For example, some of the items you should toss are opened condiments, liquids, puddings, leftovers, eggs, pickled items, and other items that require refrigeration. If it happens that some of them are still usable, you can give them to your friends or relatives. After all, it is better for others to use them than for you to throw them away. Of course, your movers may let you know what items you should not pack. Once you hire Los Angeles Transfer and Storage, ask them about this.

Do your best to consume everything you can

What will make packing your pantry easier is having fewer items to pack. A way in which you can make this possible is by consuming everything you can until the time comes for you to pack the pantry. So, avoid buying groceries as much as possible for 3 or 4 weeks before the moving day. Of course, you can buy the necessary items, but avoid buying similar groceries to those you already have. Try to think of new recipes in order to use all of the food you can. Make a meal plan and you will not be in a position to throw items away. You can even make some snacks for your movers if there is something left. Movers in Burbank CA will surely be grateful for this gesture.

How to properly pack your pantry for a move?

You should start with the items that are properly packed and have a long shelf life. For example, those can be canned goods. So, take all of those out and start packing. They are convenient for transportation and you will not have a hard time packing them. However, what you should pay attention to is the size of the box you are putting them in.

A couple packing groceries
Think about how to pack groceries- this should be done with a plan so that everything remains in perfect condition

It is not advisable that you use larger boxes because the canned goods are heavy. Instead, get smaller boxes and this is something even your movers will be grateful for. You can be sure that one of the most reliable long-distance moving companies Los Angeles offers will load and unload the moving truck with no great effort.

What to do with other items?

If it happens that you do not have too many canned goods, feel free to fill the boxes with lighter items. For example, you can put boxed items, such as pasta and cereals on top. In case some of the boxes are open, you can transfer the contents into a jar or a plastic bag. In this way, there will be no spills and all of the items will remain in their place. However, if you have a great number of jars and wine bottles, you should be especially careful when packing them. Basically, you need to wrap each of them properly and put dividers among them. There should also be no empty space- if there is, fill it with packing paper before taping the box.

Label the boxes clearly

One more thing that plays a great role when packing your pantry is properly labeling the boxes. This is quite important for several reasons. First of all, these boxes should be treated with great care. If there are clear labels, this will surely be the case. In addition to this, since canned goods are inside, the boxes will surely be heavy. In order for your movers to avoid injuring themselves, they should be able to read the labels and know how to lift these boxes.

Movers carrying boxes
Should you label the boxes properly, your movers are not going to suffer any injuries

Of course, if you realize that you have too many boxes with canned goods, feel free to store them for some time. The most secure storage Los Angeles can offer is always at your disposal. They will be in a safe place and you will go and pick them up any time you want.

Since you are now familiar with some useful tips on how to pack your pantry for a move, think about whether you can apply all of them. If you can, the entire packing part is going to be much easier. You will know what to pay special attention to and what tasks to put on your checklist. Of course, you can always count on your professional movers to give you a helping hand. If they can offer you packing services, you will surely have nothing to worry about. The most time-consuming part will be taken care of by professionals. So, start making a plan today and each next step will be much easier.

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