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Pack your kitchen like a pro for Colorado move

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The kitchen is one of the most complicated rooms to pack. In the kitchen, you can find all kinds of items, in different sizes and shapes, supplies, appliances, etc. Whether you like to cook or not, the kitchen is the room where you spend a lot of time. So, make sure you pack it properly so you don’t damage appliances or other items. If you don’t feel skilled and prepared to pack your kitchen, get in touch with some Colorado movers. Let them do it for you and to conduct your move.

Sort your items and prepare before you pack your kitchen

Moving is an ideal opportunity to remove all the unnecessary items. Go through your kitchen cabinets and drawers so you can decide what to throw away and what to prepare for packing. You should get rid of all the items that you haven’t been using for a certain time. The items you do not need, you can give to your friends and family, or donate them. The items you want to keep but you don’t have enough space for them in your new kitchen can be stored. You can search for storage units Denver moving companies have to offer and place there your items until you decide what to do with them.

pack your kitchen
Check all the cabinets and drawers and get rid of the unnecessary items.

Once you have sorted your kitchen inventory and decided what will you keep, you are prepared for the next step. The next thing you should do is to clean your kitchen appliances and pack all the inventory. Before you pack your kitchen inventory, you can leave some essentials so you can prepare your meals as you arrive at your new home.

Before you pack anything, make sure you clean all the dishes, appliances, etc. Make sure you have enough packing supplies. You will be needing a lot of them:

  • cardboard boxes: medium boxes for heavier pots and pans, large for lightweight plastic, and some sturdy boxes for silverware, glassware, and vases
  • bubble bags to pack your kitchen
  • packing tape
  • moving blankets
  • furniture sliders
  • a dolly
  • markers and labels

Pack your kitchen

Make sure every item is cleaned and dried. Then pack all the items properly. Make sure wrap and secure additionally some fragile items you have. When you start packing, make sure you have removed everything from the drawers and cabinets. Throw away all the unnecessary stuff. You can let the packing to your movers, but if you insist on doing it on your own, follow these steps. When packing your dishes place a layer of bubble bag on the bottom of a box. Wrap each piece off with a bubble bag or newspaper too. Stack them one at a time with the largest on the bottom. Then when you have a set of five or six plates wrapped and stacked, you can wrap the entire set once again.

Wrap each item and then place them in cardboard boxes to prevent them from breaking.

Arrange your glasses in the moving box upright, with their mouths facing downwards. Each glass item needs to be rolled individually in packing paper or bubble bag before it is placed in a strong cardboard box. You can use newspapers, bubble bags, or some other material to fill the space in the box. If you don’t have an original box, you can use some other box, place dividers inside, and if there is free space inside the box fill it with some paper.

When it comes to silverware the best way is to sort them by type and size. Wrap a set of five to six spoons or forks of the same size in bubble bags and tape it. Be careful with kitchen knives, the sharp part should be in one direction. You should also sort the knives by size and type and wrap each of them. The biggest knife should be wrapped separately. Also, be sure to use additional wrapping materials to safely pack them so the knives do not cut through the bubble bags and damage some other items.

When packing pans and pots you should first find the box of the right size to pack them. You can take the biggest pan and try to place it in some box, so if it fits, it will be easy for other pans you have. Wrap each pan and put one on another. Then you can close the box and tape it. Also, wrap the glass lids with bubble bags or towels and put them vertically around the sides of the box.

kitchen appliances
Before packing kitchen appliances, you should clean them and unplug them.

Kitchen appliances

Moving your kitchen can be tough especially with larger appliances. So, it would be best to use some manuals to prepare your larger appliances such as stoves, freezers, and refrigerators. Unplug the appliances such as are freezer and refrigerator at least 24 hours before the move. You should leave the door open for moisture to evaporate and defrost before cleaning. Then tape the doors to prevent them from opening during transportation. Use moving blankets or furniture sliders to prevent them from scratching and also from damaging the floor. When preparing the dishwasher you should remove the utensil holders and make sure dishwasher units are completely clean

Hire reliable movers to relocate your kitchen

It is important to find reliable movers when moving to your new home. You do not need additional stress, the moving itself is stressful enough. But if you decide to hire a moving company they will move your appliances quickly and efficiently. Plus, they will offer you insurance so if your belongings get damaged or lost, the insurance will cover it and your money will be reimbursed. That is why it is important to have professional help when moving. Reliable movers are skilled and prepared for any kind of move.

Follow these tips so you can properly pack your kitchen and have a successful relocation. Prepare all the packing supplies, tools, and cleaning supplies so you can properly prepare your kitchen for the move.  Good luck!

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