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Pack your belongings for storage with ease

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    Has the living situation in your house become so cramped up that you have finally decided to look into storage solutions? Considering the fact that storage is a lucrative industry nowadays, you would be in good company if you decide to rent a storage unit. But then comes the hard part! Now you have to pack your belongings for storage, hopefully without wasting too much of your time or effort. Sure, you could hire movers and packers Los Angeles for the job, or you could just follow our tips and do it by yourself – without breaking a sweat!

    Don’t save money on packing supplies if you want to safely pack your belongings for storage

    It’s true that the safety of your stored belongings greatly depends on the type of storage Los Angeles you choose. But you also have a huge say in the matter. More precisely, whether or not your items stay safe depends on how you pack them. Unfortunately, a lot of people actually store their belongings without even packing them. And it’s common knowledge (or at least it should be) that just putting your items in moving boxes isn’t enough.

    A bunch of dollar bills.
    Whether packing your items for relocation or storage, quality packing materials are a must.

    You also need to stock up on protective packaging. These are the materials that keep your items safe and sound. When shopping, only some of the materials that should make your list include:

    • Packing peanuts
    • Moving blankets
    • Air bubble foil
    • Sturdy cardboard boxes

    We understand your need to save money on these supplies, and we completely support your efforts to find free or cheaper supplies – as long as they are of high-quality. Otherwise, you will just bring yourself more expenditures than savings.

    Pad every moving box

    It matters not whether you are packing for your interstate relocation or preparing your items for storage – every moving box needs to be padded so that the items inside it stay as safe as possible. Luckily, you just went shopping for packing supplies, right? That means you have many options at your disposal. So what are they?

    You can place packing peanuts on the bottom of your box and then use this same handy tool to fill out any empty spaces once all the items have been placed. Then, you can harvest the potential of the air bubble foil and tape it to every side of your box. For extra protection, you can wrap every item individually in this foil, making sure it sits snuggly in place until the next time you need it.

    Clean your items before placing them in boxes

    As experienced movers, we know that one of the most tedious tasks our clients experience when moving out is the one where they have to clean their property. The good news is that you won’t have as much work when packing your items for storage. But you will still have to get down to business and make sure all of your items are dust-free.

    Cleaning tools to use before you pack your belongings for storage.
    Usually, some water and soap are all the cleaning supplies you need.

    Just make sure you don’t rush the cleaning process when you are trying to pack your belongings for storage. If you do start running out of time, you might use a chemical that is harmful to some of your objects, even though it works perfectly with others. That’s how mistakes happen, and that’s how your most prized possessions end up ruined.

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