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Pack fishing equipment for relocation like a pro

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Every serious fisherman knows how much fishing equipment is valuable. If you are a true fishing enthusiasm or a professional fisherman, you know that fishing equipment is not cheap. As they hold a special place in your heart, you will naturally take them with you when you are moving from Washington to California. You might think this won’t be a huge task for you since you pack fishing equipment every time you go fishing. However, packing fishing equipment for relocation and ordinary use is not the same. You will have to take into consideration that they will be transported with the rest of the belongings, road conditions, and duration of relocations. You will need to invest more time and preparation when you need to pack your fishing equipment for relocation. 

Plan before you pack fishing equipment 

A good plan is already half of a job done, and this applies when you are moving to LA from Seattle. Before you start packing your household, including and fishing equipment, you should plan every step of the relocations. This means finding the right moving company, deciding the moving date, acquiring moving supplies, etc. After you sort out these details, you can start packing your items. 

Fishing equipment is a diverse spectrum of items. It has everything from tiny to bigger-sized items. For this reason, packing can be a little tricky. It’s a shame you can’t hire someone like furniture movers Seattle just for this specific task. The fishing equipment usually consists of the following.

  • Fishing rods 
  • Fishing reels 
  • Hooks, lines, sinkers, and bobbers 
  • Fishing baits 
  • Bite indicators 
  • Nets 
  • Spears 
  • Traps 
  • Fly fishing tackle 
six fishing rods
Make sure to properly pack your fishing items

How to pack fishing rods and reels? 

A fishing rod and reel are the most expensive and essential items from fishing equipment. For this reason, you should pack them properly so they don’t get damaged during the move. A good tip is to first clean your fishing rod and reel before packing. You can find fishing rod cases made from soft or hard material on the Internet or in specialized stores. However, these cases can be more pricy than actual fishing rode, so you can opt to make one yourself. 

Making a case for fishing rode isn’t a hard task. Most of the necessary material you have at your home or in a storage units Dupont WA. The point is to make a tube-shaped case from a cardboard box or some plastic tube. Before you put a rod into the case, you must remove the reel, and wrap the rod with bubble wrap for more protection. 

man fishing
You should clean your equipment first

How to prepare the rest items? 

A good fisherman already has fishing equipment neatly maintained and packed. This makes packing for relocation so much easier. All small gear like hooks, sinkers, bobbers, different baits have their cases, and all you have to do is to pack them in one place. In this case, you can use one bigger plastic moving box to pack cases from smaller equipment. As you can see, you already have experience in packing fishing equipment just for other use. Use that knowledge when you need to pack fishing equipment for relocation. 

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