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Pack Christmas decorations for a move from LA

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Following each holiday season, you carefully store your favorite decorations to ensure that they are safe and ready to be brought out again the following year. So, if you’re preparing to relocate, you’ll want to follow the same rigorous process as before, but with a bit of extra safeguarding. It may seem like more effort, but going the extra mile while packing will ensure that you can deck the halls with your most treasured memories for years to come! We at Los Angeles Transfer and Storage have years of experience packing and moving all kinds of things. And in today’s post, we’ll talk about how to pack Christmas decorations for a move from LA.

pack your Christmas decorations for a move first
Moving delicate Christmas decor safely can be a tedious process.

Before you start putting away your decor, keep these things in mind

It’s better if you start packing for a move early. Unless you’re relocating at a time of year when you’ll be putting up decorations, pack them first. You’ll have plenty of time to stock up on any particular containers you may need during this period. You should also get rid of unnecessary items. There may be certain items that are left behind in the Christmas tote each year. Maybe it’s a sentimental object that’s shattered. Alternatively, it may not be in keeping with your current design style. Don’t move it if you don’t want it anymore. To make your moving day as easy as possible, consider the following tip:

  • Use boxes instead of totes
  • Box separately
  • Every item should be clearly labeled
  • Fill your boxes to the brim

How to pack Christmas decorations for a move from LA?

So, it’s time to put away the decorations. We’ve divided down the most popular types of d├ęcor into the stages that must be followed while packing them. We’ll go over how to pack each one. When you’re all packed up and ready to go, Los Angeles will await with arms wide open.

Christmas trees

You should use the original box of your tree. If it is in good condition, of course. Consider purchasing a new box online or at a hardware shop if you don’t already have one, or building a bespoke box from cardboard flats. Put the tree in a Christmas tree bag before putting it in the box to provide even more protection from damage.

A Christmas tree
If you don’t know where to start when you’re trying to pack your Christmas decorations for a move, start with the bigger items first.


Wrap fragile ornaments in bubble wrap or packing paper before storing them in a box with compartments (like a dish pack kit). Fill a box with crumpled paper to provide support for non-fragile decorations. And place them in the box (so they don’t get thrown away with the rest of the packaging material) before shipping. Make careful to label the box “fragile” and avoid piling big boxes on top of each other to prevent damage.

Fairy lights

We’ve all been in the situation when we just dump Christmas lights into a box and the bulbs shatter, and garland becomes a tangled nightmare (we’ve all been there). Instead, roll the lights around a storage reel (you can purchase them for a low price online) or use a spool of electrical tape. Wrap the lights or garland around a sheet of cardboard, securing the ends with tape and ending with a covering of bubble wrap to keep everything safe and secure during transport.


Placing a wreath in a plastic wreath container is the most convenient method of packing a wreath. If it doesn’t fit perfectly, wrap it with bubble wrap before putting it inside. After that, place the wreath container in a box to protect it from shipping. If your wreaths are made of natural materials and you want to preserve them during the move, consider storing them in climate-controlled storage Los Angeles. You can also store other items there if your new space isn’t ready for bringing in stuff yet.

Lawn decorations

When it comes to inflatables, it’s essential to save the original packaging if you can. If this is the case, fold them up and place them in a moving box. Make sure to place the stakes in a zip-top bag to keep them together. And then store them in another moving box. So that they don’t puncture.

Moving blankets should be used to cover large items such as nativity scenes, skeletons, and candy canes, and then tape should be used to secure the wrapping (be sure to just tape to the blanket and not the item itself, as this might harm the finish). If the object is large enough to fit inside a large or extra-large box, it will be the most protected throughout transportation. Instead, put it like furniture in the moving equipment and secure it with ropes or straps to prevent it from rolling about.

Other Festive knick-knacks and trinkets

We gathered the best practices for other delicate knick-knacks from our appliance movers Los Angeles. Stockings, porcelain pumpkins, tree skirts, snow towns, and other holiday decorations should be packed in the same way you would any other home item. When possible, utilize the original boxes (or solid moving boxes if that is not possible), wrap breakables with bubble wrap or packing paper, and stuff the box with crumpled paper to cover empty space and protect goods from sliding around inside the box.

festive knick-knacks
If you have any breakable or intricate festive knick-knacks that are dear to you, consider hiring a moving company instead of moving it yourself

Organizing a move in the middle of the holiday season?

Moving during the holiday season entails a lot more than just packing up the decorations. You need to consider things such as timing and preparing the celebration throughout the course of the move. Our Los Angeles interstate movers provide high-quality moving services for anybody who is relocating over the Christmas season. If you have any queries regarding how to pack Christmas decorations for a move, please leave a note for us! We’re here to assist you!

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