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Pack a bedroom for a long-distance move from Burbank CA

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    If you have a relocation ahead of you, you are aware of how tedious packing can be. Apart from being time-consuming, packing often seems like a never-ending job. You have to be careful to pack everything properly and avoid damaging your belongings in the process. If you are wondering how to properly pack a bedroom for a long-distance move from Burbank, you’re in the right place. Los Angeles Transfer and Storage will make sure you have a stress-free, smooth moving experience. With our tips and good time-management, your bedroom will be packed and ready for the relocation in no time.

    How to properly pack a bedroom for a long-distance move

    Bedrooms are really one of the last rooms in the house you want to pack. This is because we use them for sleeping every day. But, there are some things you can pack in advance. Here are some tips for packing your bedroom for an interstate relocation:

    • start packing ahead of time
    • pack smaller items first
    • stock up on moving supplies when you pack a bedroom for a long-distance move
    • be careful when packing fragile items such as mirrors, art, lamps etc.
    • label your boxes properly
    man smiling after packing his bedroom for a long-distance move
    Packing a bedroom for a long-distance relocation will be easy with our tips

    Start ahead of time

    When you plan a relocation, you want to do as much packing as you can well in advance. Think about your bedroom and all the stuff you don’t really use most of the time. For example, you don’t use your winter clothes during the summer. So, if your move is in summer, pack your winter clothes as early as you can. A good option is to rent a storage unit from storage Los Angeles and put the things you packed there. The same goes for holiday decorations, or any of your unused sheets, books, etc. Make a checklist with all the items in your bedroom, and tick them off as you pack them. That way you will make sure not to forget anything as the moving day approaches.

    Pack the smaller items first

    Packing a bedroom for an interstate move from Burbank is a stressful event. Maybe you are overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. We suggest you start small. A.k.a. pack the small items in your bedroom first. These can be your clothes, sheets, books… Anything you don’t really use every day. Leave the large, bulky items such as the bed frames and mattresses for last. Of course, leave enough clothes to have on hand until moving day.  Ultimately, if you are unsure how to tackle packing you can always use the services of movers in Burbank to have your belongings professionally packed and transported to your new home.

    Ensure you have enough moving supplies before you pack a bedroom for a long-distance move

    Before you even start packing your bedroom for a long-distance relocation, you need to make sure you have enough moving supplies on hand. This means you need to stock up on cardboard boxes, plastic containers, bubble wrap, stretch-wrap, styrofoam, and labels. Be meticulous when packing your bedroom, don’t over-stuff your boxes. You want to have enough boxes so you avoid damaging your belongings. Long-distance moving companies Los Angeles are your safest bet when moving to another state. Their employees are trained professionals who know exactly how to pack all sorts of objects. If you have the means, hire a professional mover. If you are keener on moving yourself, you can also buy moving supplies from certain movers. They will give you the best advice on the kind and quantity of moving supplies you’ll need.

    Be careful when packing fragile items

    When it comes to fragile items such as mirrors, frames, lampshades, etc. you want to be extra careful. You need to make sure that your breakable items are well-protected when packing. Use styrofoam to protect the corners of your mirrors and frames, and lay them vertically on a flat surface to avoid any damage. When it comes to lampshades, in order to avoid any bumps or indentations you want to carefully wrap them in bubble wrap before placing them in boxes.

    lamps are fragile and need to be properly packed when moving long-distance
    Lampshades require extra caution when you pack a bedroom for a long-distance move

    Label your boxes properly

    After you’re done packing, don’t forget to label your boxes. Although you may find it tedious or think it’s a waste of precious time, you will thank yourself later. Labeling the boxes means you will spend less time unpacking after you’ve settled in your new home. You will know exactly where the stuff that goes in your bedroom is, and you won’t have to waste time opening a bunch of boxes and figuring out what is in them along the way. Also, it is crucial to properly label all boxes that contain fragile objects in order to avoid damaging them.

    Proper labeling is crucial when packing a bedroom for an interstate relocation

    Some extra tips

    Packing a bedroom for an interstate move is definitely a big task, so it doesn’t hurt to mark a few more tips.

    • when it comes to your jewelry, it is best to pack your valuables and transport them in a car with you. This way you will avoid the possibility of them being lost, misplaced, or stolen.
    • sort through your clothes and donate anything you don’t wear anymore. If you have some clothing that is too worn out, throw it away. It is best to lighten up your load as much as you can.
    • get rid of your hangers. The hangers are difficult to pack and often take up too much space. It is cheaper to simply buy new ones after you’ve moved.
    • hire a professional mover. Save yourself the trouble of packing and moving on your own. Professional moving companies offer affordable prices for exceptional relocation services.

    That’s how you pack a bedroom for a long-distance move

    We hope you will find implementing these tips useful when you pack a bedroom for a long-distance move from Burbank. Take it easy and pack one room at a time. Good luck!

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