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Organize a Seattle move during the coronavirus pandemic

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Seattle is an amazing city to live in. It sometimes seems to has the edge of the world feeling. Of course, in no way is the bay that leads to the pacific sea, or the close by the Canadian border, the end of the world. Neither surely is not. However, it does sit in the north-western part of the most north-western state of the continental United States, and from its needle and skyscrapers, it strikes lights into the northern nights. It is an amazing city that presents picturesque sites, modern architecture, and great culture. The mix creates a truly stunning place to live in, not to mention one that is offering great carrier options and serves as headquarters for many fortune 1000 companies. But, the pandemic complicates things. Therefore, here are our tips on how to organize a Seattle move during the coronavirus pandemic.

How to move during the coronavirus pandemic

So, first things first. A lot of articles and guides can explain to you how to find the best one among many moving companies Seattle. We will also be covering that too. However, the more pressing matter here is obviously the complexity inherent to a movee during the coronavirus pandemic. So, how should you do it?

The coronavirus has put a lot of us into home-isolation, or guarantees. We are keeping to ourselves as much as possible. With public events canceled or moved online, and with a lot of workplaces operating from home, it is easy to think of one’s home as a fortress, a bastion against the intrusion of the vicious virus. However, what are we to do when you have to leave your home? When you have to move during the time where everyone is trying to stay still. Well, the good news is that it is possible, but it does require quite a bit of preparation on your part.

move during the coronavirus pandemic -a n95 mask
How to handle a relocation during Covid19?

Let’s go over some of the basic, yet very important, facts about Covid19. The virus, that has taken such a hold over the past year all around the planet, is a new type of Sars infection, and it spreads both through droplets from breathing and coughing that stay in the air, as well as by the touch of the infected surfaces (if you bring the hand to your mouth afterward, which happened inevitably after some time). Therefore, the best defense against the infections are masks, which significantly reduce the spread, gloves, which protect us from surfaces, and of course social distancing, which is a good way to create a firewall that virus cannot cross.

What can be done?

Here are three things to keep in mind when you are relocating during the Corona Pandemic.

  • Disinfection – Have regular disinfection of the items you are moving, the home you are leaving, and especially the home after you have moved. When you move during the coronavirus pandemic you need to presume everything is contaminated. IN order to properly disinfect, you will need a lot of protective gear, water, soap, and alcohol-based disinfectants.
  • Least amount of contact – During the relocation make sure to keep social distancing as much as possible. That means that you should probably organize trains when it comes to loading and unloading (people hand packages to one another) so that the least amount of people actually walkabout and enter the house.
  • As quick as possible – Furthermore, it should all be done as quickly as possible. Make sure you hire reliable moving services Seattle. By finding the best movers in Seattle you will be sure to finish quickly. Reading reviews helps with the search.

Packing and downsizing

Once you picked out your mover, and you have planned out how to move during the pandemic, you should start with the more traditional considerations of the move. That would be packing! Packing is most often done by the clients, but sometimes people do pay movers to pack their stuff for them. This is especially the case when some stuff is difficult to pack or disassemble, and require, piano, furniture movers Seattle, and other specialists.

A man carring boxes
How to go about packing and downsizing for your relocation?

Of course, these additional services you can utilize cost more. Therefore, you should try the DIY, especially during social distancing. Packing material is pretty cheap, and can even be found for free online and in friendly local shops where they simply have no need for cardboard boxes. Just remember that you will also need cushioning material. When stacking, make sure that the heaviest boxes are always on the bottom, or at least the biggest ones. That way you will prevent tumbling on your way when moving to LA from Seattle.

In order to lower the cost of the move, which during long distance relocation mainly depend on the volume and weight of the items that are being moved, you should try to downsize. That way you will also have more space once you move in Seattle.

What to expect in Seattle

Let’s talk about Seattle. It is the largest city in the Pacific North-west, also known as The Emerald City, Rain City and Jet City.

The Siattle skyline
What will Seattle hold for you?

The city is currently the fastest-growing major city in the country, with a 3.1% annual growth rate. It holds many tech companies and has a very thriving community of young entrepreneurs. You will feel at home in Seattle.

In summary

This has been all that you need to know in order to successfully complete a Seattle move during the coronavirus pandemic. As you expected, it is not easy, but we hope that we have proven that it can be done with enough foresight and care. The most important aspect of this relocation is for you to stay healthy. Covid is an insidious disease. While most can pass it off as a pretty nasty and tiring flu, others can suffer greatly. You staying healthy is the number one priority, so make sure that you take all the necessary precautions we mentioned in order to avoid infection at all cost!

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