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Orange County vs. Los Angeles – pros & cons

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There are many places around the globe with their own charms. Some of those places are more or less famous than others. But what are the real pros and cons of living there? Before you arrange your move with moving and storage Los Angeles you need to decide if LA is the place for you, or if Orange County is better suited. So here we are to help and tell you what we think about Orange County vs. Los Angeles and some of the pros & cons.

Where to move?

Even though both are stationed in Southern California the differences between the two are not hard to spot. The city of Los Angels is known to target a bigger demographics of people and is easily accessible by all types of people. On the other hand, OC is a little more high-end with a specific targeted demographic of a little richer people. But when comparing Orange County vs. Los Angeles we should start by comparing some of their pros and cons. It’s easy to call long distance movers Los Angeles and arrange the date. Actually figuring out where we belong is the harder part.

Orange County vs. Los Angeles beaches
Orange County has some of the most beautiful beaches you will ever see. Perfect for those who like to lay and relax or do water sports.

Living in Orange County

When comparing Orange County vs Los Angeles, life in Orange County is more relaxed. It is a far cry away from the rush and stress of life in LA. It gives you the feeling of living in the suburbs, but at the same time promotes a sophisticated and active lifestyle. There are many smaller cities around, each having its own flair, attractions, and lifestyle. One of the best things is that with so many unique cities you will have the best opportunities to find the one that suits you best. For example, Brea is known for its trendy downtown. Santa Ana is the best city for nightlife. Huntington Beach is adored due to its surf culture and if you like art Laguna is the city for you. So no matter what you pick moving quotes Los Angeles is waiting for your reservations. Get your free estimate and relocate to a place that suits you better.

Living in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is famous for its entertainment industry, but Its filmmaking, music, radio, and television aren’t the only reason Los Angeles is the entertainment capital of the world. This beautiful city known as the City of Dreams is also home to almost 900 museums and art galleries. This means LA has more museums per capita than any other city. Don’t forget the abundant number of venues and nightclubs. But all of this is not everything there is to LA. There are also many mountains, beaches, and beautiful landscapes surrounding the bustling city. Hence for the lovers of the outdoors, there is always something to do. When we are talking about the outdoors, Orange County vs. Los Angeles who would have a bigger advantage?

LA at dusk
When comparing Orange County vs. Los Angeles you have to take into consideration that LA has a lot more people living in it.

Beaches comparison

If the outdoors, in this care beaches are important to you, in order to decide where you want to live here are some of our thoughts. Before calling residential moving companies Los Angeles CA do a little Orange County vs Los Angeles beach comparison.

  • Orange County beaches are superior to the ones in LA. O.C. beaches are for locals, surfers, scuba divers, and people who like sunbathing. It’s home to the U.S. Open of Surfing in Huntington every year. On top of that ut hosts some of the best surfing contests in places like Salt Creek and Trestles.
  • LA’s beaches, on the other hand, are for tourists. Unfortunately, most of them are crowded, polluted, and terrible for both swimming and surfing. Are there any upsides to this? Well only if you count attractive volleyball players that gather there to practice.

Carrier opportunities

If we are making an Orange County vs Los Angeles carrier contest then the winner would probably be LA. Not because it has more successful people. But because the quick pace and fast rise of demand on the work plans make the people of LA more driven and carrier oriented. It’s not called the city of dreams for nothing. On the other hand, Orange County has a more lay-backed air. Most who live there are there for the lifestyle and calmness. They are less carrier-driven and more laid back.

A wave making a heart shape
The best way to decide where to live is to know what you want to concentrate on. And what your priorities are.

Small vs. Big

When you say Orange County vs Los Angeles, it is equivalent to saying small vs big. As LA is one of the world’s biggest metropolis and O.C. is only a suburban sprawl. LA doesn’t have a city center, but it is still a city. It has all the typical city things you’d expect. From good food, museums, nightlife, massive events, and concerts, to many more things to do all the time. On the other hand, O.C. is suburbia with beaches. There are many coastal communities that are fairly walkable. Also, it has areas that are more urban and hip, but it’s still far from the vibe you get in LA.

Cons of LA and O.C.

Los Angeles is a big tourist destination meaning that there is huge traffic, as well as a big pollution level. And even though Orange County has its fair share of trouble in that area it is not even close. There is no traffic that moving companies Orange County can’t maneuver around. One more thing to note is the LA smog. There is really poor air quality and a lot of pollution. Because Los Angeles is a densely populated area stationed in a valley so smog tends to be a problem. If you have respiratory problems or asthma, this is definitely something to consider. 

On the other hand, one of the biggest cons of O.C. is its lack of nightlife and high cost of living. As O.C. is known around the world as the place where the rich live and relax at. Nevertheless, in our  Orange County vs. Los Angeles comparison, we can see that both places have their advantages and disadvantages. It all comes to what are you looking for and what are you expecting from your new home.

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