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Orange County vs Los Angeles – Comparison, Pros & Cons

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Picking the right place to live in will be a crucial task. And California has amazing places where you can enjoy a happy and quality lifestyle. For that reason, we want to present you with a comparison between Orange County vs Los Angeles. And of course, all the pros and cons of both areas. The only thing left for you will be to find one of the best moving companies in Los Angeles and get the move going. Let’s take a closer look into what you’re getting into if you move to Orange County or Los Angeles.

Some basic information about Orange County and Los Angeles

In order to truly compare both areas, you need to get into some crucial information. Both places are jewels of South California and beyond as there’s much interest in people moving to them. Even if Orange County is considered a part of the broader Los Angeles metro area, it’s still considered on its own. Before you get the moving quotes Los Angeles it’s best to know things about both places. Every single piece of information can be very helpful in making the final decision about where to move. Let’s take a better look at some factors that are worth comparing.

The Hollywood sign in LA
Orange County vs Los Angeles? Take some information into consideration first

Orange County vs Los Angeles – The difference in population is evident

How big an area is can have a big impact on your relocation. The Los Angeles area has around 4,000,000 residents while Orange County has around 3,000,000. With a difference of around 20 times the population, you can expect a different dynamic for different situations. For example, there will surely be a bigger activity of commercial movers Los Angeles in LA than in Orange County. The sheer number will mean more opportunities for companies and businesses. However, it’s important to notice that it won’t be easy to go from a smaller area to Los Angeles. Overall, much will depend on your preferences. But it’s crucial to know just how big or small your community will be after the relocation.

The cost of living and housing are different

Living in California will come at a price. And the locals know it best. Especially in places like LA and Orange County. The prices of housing and keeping up with your lifestyle can get very high. Both Los Angeles and Orange County can end up costing you a lot. Thankfully, there are residential moving companies Los Angeles CA that won’t come at a high price which can make budgeting for living in both areas easier. The median home price of around 1 million dollars won’t say that there’s too big of a difference. However, the average rent of around $2,300 for LA and around $3,100 for Orange County will give you a better insight into the differences. The cost of living is similar, but housing prices will make a big difference. And obviously, the neighborhood or area you live in will also have an impact.

What are some of the outdoor activities when comparing Orange County vs Los Angeles?

If you’re looking for quality beaches and fun outdoor activities, Southern California will be the right place for you. Both Los Angeles and Orange County have some amazing places to enjoy, be it alone or with your family. The Los Angeles area will have some of the more popular beaches in California. While after the movers in Orange County help you out, you will have a lot of clean and stunning beaches. Overall, you will never have a dull moment and you will have great options. Here are a couple of beaches in both Los Angeles and Orange County you want to check out:

  • Malibu Beach – Los Angeles
  • Venice Beach – Los Angeles
  • San Clemente Beach – Orage County
  • Huntington Beach – Orange County
A beach as a symbol of Orange County vs Los Angeles beaches
There will be beautiful beaches you’ll be able to enjoy

What are the pros of living in Orange County?

Living in Orange County will come with many benefits. Especially as it’s one of the more beautiful parts of Southern California you will feel great about it. There are a lot of benefits that will come with living in the area. Especially as you will have a lot of quality things to do while not having the rush of the big city. Overall, getting storage in Los Angeles will be a good idea as you won’t need as much stuff to go around Orange County. Let’s take a look at some pros of living in Orange County.

You will be able to have all that is necessary for a quality lifestyle

If you want to avoid the stress and problems of the big city rush, Orange County is the right place for you. Even if it has millions of people living in it, it will still have a suburban feel to it as it’s not as densely populated as LA. Prepare the moving boxes Los Angeles to move to the area and you will see just how easy it will be to get around Orange County. There are a lot of trendy places that will be worth checking out. Overall, you can be sure that you’ll have the best mix of great opportunities and an overall great lifestyle. Overall, with so many places to explore in Orange County, you will have a lot to check out.

A safe community will make you feel great about your option of moving

If you plan to move as a family you want it to be a safe environment. And Orange County will offer you just that. Besides the fact that the crime rate is low, you will have a great connection to other areas of California. Of course, there are many reasons to move to Orange County CA but these might be the ones that will suit families and professionals the most. Having to live in a place that will be peaceful and where you can get around easily will be extremely important. Here are some major areas that are not far away from Orange County:

  • San Diego
  • Los Angeles
  • Joshua Tree National Park
  • Big Bear Lake and Mountain Resort
A view of San Diego
Getting around will be easier in Orange County

Cons of Orange County are not numerous

However great and beautiful Orange County might be, there are still things that can be considered cons. Of course, many of these downsides come with the lifestyle that California comes with. For that reason, in many cases when you compare Orange County vs Los Angeles you will get similar cons. From the warm weather all year round to the high cost of living, there are many details that can be a problem for people moving to Orange County. Obviously, this will greatly depend on the location you’re moving from. Here are some more obvious cons of living in the area.

There’s not much happening around Orange County as it’s a smaller and denser community

Everyone loves enjoying a great time. And having entertainment options will make the job easier for you. One of the downsides of Orange County will be the fact that the options for having fun are limited. Especially when it comes to the nightlife and places to go out. As Orange County is an area with more big cities, it will offer you some type of entertainment. Be it that it’s bars or restaurants, or other quality options. However, fun after 9 pm is not something you’ll come across too often. So if you like having fun during the night, Orange County will have limited options.

Additional taxes and housing costs can add up and impact your finances

Finances are a very important part of living. And living in Orange County will come at a premium price. Especially when you consider that there are additional taxes that will impact your budget. The sales tax in Orange County is around 7.75%, which is lower than Los Angeles’ 10%. However, it’s still bigger than California’s 6%. But, there are other taxes that will have an impact on your finances. Besides that, there is a 0.25% additional tax which is applicable to Orange County. Overall, when you compare it to Los Angeles, you will see that Orange County can get pretty expensive.

Written taxes as a similarity when looking at Orange County vs Los Angeles
Living costs and taxes can be very high

Pros of Los Angeles are going to make your life better

Los Angeles is one of the biggest cities in California. And it’s considered one of the best places to live in the state, the US, and even worldwide. That’s why it’s only logical that it has a lot of benefits and pros that come with living in the area. There will be a lot of things to look forward to in LA in 2023 and having additional benefits to it is going to make life even better. You will be able to enjoy all the great things that come with LA. Let’s take a look at some of the great benefits that come with living in LA.

Los Angeles is one of the best places for entertainment in California and beyond

If you’re looking for entertainment, LA will be the best place to get it. It’s one of the most fun cities in California and beyond. There’s a big variety of options when it comes to entertainment, whatever you like to enjoy. If you ask yourself if Los Angeles is a good place to live you will get a lot of affirmative answers. Especially when it comes to more than 4,000 venues, over 2,000 bars and restaurants, 900 museums and galleries, and so much more. You won’t have any moment where you’ll feel like there’s nothing to do in LA.

You will be able to experience a lot of diversity in LA

One thing is certain, LA is one of the biggest melting pots of cultures and nationalities. There are people from all around the world living in the Los Angeles area which gives it the charm that the city has. It is amazing that more than 40% of people in Los Angeles are born outside of the US. That’s more than any area outside the state of California and beyond. From Asia to Africa, there are many people coming to LA from all over the world. This makes it a city full of opportunities and diverse options when it comes to culture and cuisine.

People holding their hands up
Diversity is what makes LA stand out

Check out the cons of Los Angeles

Not every place can be perfect. And when it comes to Los Angeles, you can’t expect it to be amazing at every single detail. Especially as it’s a huge city. There are still some cons that will stand out when it comes to living in Los Angeles. Of course, we won’t need to talk about the fact that it’s a very expensive city. And if you plan on moving from a cooler state, you can forget about winter. But there are still some cons besides those major ones. Let’s have a closer look at them.

Traffic can be a big con of living in LA

Like any big city in the US, LA will too have its problems when it comes to getting around. It will be a very stressful and time-consuming task that you will have to take on. Especially as a very car-dependent area, you will find it hard to get around the city. And unfortunately, sometimes it will take hours to get from one place to another in the city. You can forget about reliable public transport as it too will be very difficult to navigate. When comparing traffic in Orange County vs Los Angeles you can expect Los Angeles to have bigger problems.

Los Angeles isn’t the healthiest place to live in

Even though there are a lot of beaches and outdoor areas, LA is not the healthiest place to live. One of the main reasons for that will be the traffic problems that we mentioned. With that, you can see just how pollution and bad air quality can impact people’s health and overall quality of life. LA is one of the cities with the highest percentage of smog and pollution in the US. For that reason, even if there are many benefits, make sure to know about this con.

Cars in traffic
Smog and air pollution are high in LA

Even the smallest of details can change your mind when relocating. And above all, you want to pick the best place to move to when comparing Orange County vs Los Angeles. By doing so you will ensure that you’re completely happy with your choice and that there’s all that you need to lead a happy lifestyle at all times. Be it that it’s Orange County or Los Angeles, we’re sure that you’ll have all that is necessary for a quality life. A lot will depend on your personal preferences so make sure to take them into consideration.


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