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Office relocations: How to not lose business

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So congratulations you’ve chosen to relocate your office!  Now we hope that it’s from a smaller to bigger office or at least to one the same size. We at Los Angeles Transfer company would like to help you learn how to not lose business when relocating it. The first thing that you should do is try to find a reliable and professional moving company so they could help you and perform everything on time.  So let’s see what you can do to relocate your office without zero losses.

If you don’t want to lose business then plan

As a businessman, you probably know that planning is the key to success. So if you make a good plan nothing can surprise you now could it? There can always be something that can surprise anyone like the COVID-19 pandemic or the inflation that came after it. So all of these things included many more that can come and surprise us. Like weather (storms), earthquakes, possible famine, etc. But let’s not get all dark and negative.  We as office movers Los Angeles can tell you that regardless of the world situation you should plan your office relocation carefully and on time. Be aware that it’ll take three months to relocate smaller offices; six to eight for medium and large offices.

When you get the floor plans start drawing your new office. Start planning where will you put what. After that talk with the movers to notify them so they can unload everything in the proper place. You’ll need the plan to see where each outlet is to set up the machines. Also, talk with the carpenters to see if you need any new tables, or anything redecorated; talk with the painted and wall experts if you want to reorganize your working space. If you want to save some money and not hire an interior designer, you can use Pinterest to find some good ideas.

Three people in the office thinking about how to not lose business while moving their office;
Planning is crucial if you want anything done effectively.

Tell everyone that you’re moving

Marketing is everything and it is everywhere and it’s everything. So start by updating all possible social media that you have including Google. Now here are just some of these important networks:

  • Twitter is the fastest for spreading the news
  • Facebook is mostly used by Boomers
  • Instagram is mostly used by Millenials
  • TikTok and Snapchat are for a younger audience
  • Google is for everyone

Now you must have used these before but the power of SEO and Google combined are essential for developing and keeping your business alive. Some people even say that if your business is not the foundation on the first page of Google that it’s dead. So change the address and write it all over the social media and the whole Internet that you’re moving. Invest in ads so that people may know where to find you, spread the news by good old-fashioned word of mouth, etc. For example, if you’re moving from California to Washington this is a huge impact on your business so let everyone know that you’re moving.

A person holding an iPhone with a lot of social media apps on it;
Inform everyone on every platform where and when are you relocating.

Move during the weekend or after hours

We know that this may sound like another job but it’s really important to do it this way. We as one of the more experienced moving companies Burbank CA can tell you that this will mostly depend on what you do. If you own an outlet or any other kind of business that usually works and opens during a weekend then you’ll have to move after hours. If you have casual Monday to Friday working hours then weekends will suit you more. The worse time is during the working hours on working days. Not only that your business will stop but you’ll get stuck in the traffic jam and everything that goes with it.

One extra tip is to have great communication with your employees. Before anyone else they should find out that you’re moving first. You must have clean and honest communication with them. It will change their lives maybe you’ll have to lay off some of them, or some of them won’t come. You should even hire someone to deal with employees and to present to them why moving to a new city or building is good for the company.

How to not lose business with a help of professionals

We’ve already mentioned hiring professionals is important. Because transferring a business is a completely different matter and should only be handled by experts due to its immense complexity. When you’re moving your home you can try to DIY but we still suggest you at least consider talking to some moving companies. Especially if you want to move something complex like a piano to a hot tub for example. Now reliable movers may not be the cheapest but if you hire the cheapest, many things could go wrong. One sign that they are reliable is that they’ll offer you a free quote. If you can’t move all of your things or you want to buy new ones consider renting a storage Los Angeles. All these services that professionals can provide you with will make your relocation process easier and let you focus on the operation of your business.

A professional mover crouching and looking at cardboard boxes while holding a list and a pen;
If you want your business to be relocated from point A to point B without anything being damaged, hire professionals.

There is no doubt that moving an office can be challenging and overwhelming but with good planning, you will be able to keep your business running. We hope that you liked our tips on how to not lose business during your office relocation. Have a great move and we hope that you found this blog useful!

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