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Must-dos when moving into a new home

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Finding a new house can be very hard and stressful. But not only that, but there is also the packing, organizing everything, calling Southern California movers, and so on. The list of things to do when moving seems endless. So many times after the move ends and the boxes are placed safely in the house many people relax and think everything is over. But usually, it’s not.  Most people when moving concentrate mostly on the actual move. Forgetting that there is a lot more than that. And your new home is usually one of those things you need to pay more attention to. So what are some must-dos when moving into a new home?

Home inspection

To start everything off even before you move you need to be careful! Everything starts as early on as when you first go house hunting. Make sure that you contact a good sales agent and that everything is legitimate. You see there are many scams surrounding homes. And trust us you don’t want to be caught up in all of that. So if you are for example moving from California to Washington make sure to be careful. The home market can be overwhelming at times.

Sales agent showing a family some must-dos when moving into a new home
Some must-dos when moving into a new home will depend on your circumstances.

Sure sometimes your family and friends are a nice help when choosing a home. But at the end of the day don’t forget that they are not professionals. And as such, they don’t have all of the information that a company will have. Also at the end of the day, you are the one that will be living there so make sure you buy something you are satisfied with. After buying it don’t think it’s all over. There are still some must-dos when moving into a new home.

A home inspection is one of those things. And is best done before you actually buy the house. When you find a home you are interested in – become a detective! Look at all rooms and corners of the house. There are many things that can be wrong. From leaks to mold. There are maybe some things that will require modifications or renovations. And if there are any repairs needed to be done, it’s better to do them before contacting Los Angeles interstate movers. This way you will ensure that you are moving into a house that will not cause you any problems.

Do walkthrough

After purchasing your home, and making sure everything is in good condition, do a walkthrough. This is a perfect time because the house is empty and you can look around it and determine what room will be used for what. It’s also a good time to measure the rooms and available space. This way you will know what furniture can fit. In some cases, you might find that some furniture is too big or too small for certain rooms. And it’s better to find that out before moving in. Then after carrying it in.

People looking at a floor plan
A floorplan is a big help. This way your movers will know what furniture and boxes need to be placed in what room.

So if you find yourself in that situation you can think about donating some furniture to a charity like the Furniture Bank or maybe even sell it in a yard sale. While you do your walkthrough you can determine what room will be used as the kitchen, kids’ room, your room, and so on. And with a floor plan, you can mark the rooms, and make the international moving company Los Angeles workers’ jobs a lot easier and your move smoother.


Why is unpacking one of the must-dos when moving into a new home? Well, you see what most people are not aware of is that by law after moving people have 90 days in order to report any complaints and compensation after a move. So by unpacking you will have enough time to inspect the items. If something is damaged or lost you can notify the moving company and the insurance will cover the costs.

You may also notice that some items may not fit your home anymore. Either they don’t match the new style you were going for, or maybe they cant fit. So this is where storage units Dupont WA come in handy. There you can place your items for safekeeping. Not only will they be safe and stored with care, but you will have easy accessibility as well.

Take safety measures

Before moving companies Burbank CA comes to deliver your items, make sure you take all of the safety measures. Some of the must-dos when moving into a new home are surrounding the safety of your new home. After buying the home it comes as no surprise that you will need to change the locks. Just think about it. If someone lived there before they might still have a spare key somewhere. Would you actually want to risk that?

Keyhole with a key inside as a symbol of must-dos when moving into a new home
For most people changing the locks as well as childproofing their home is enough. But there are others that want even more security than that.

Also, some people like to install cameras. Outside or inside the home as well. Although it’s not something people do a lot still some people prefer the added feeling of safety. If you have kids or pets you will also need to childproof and pet-proof the house. And can you do that while they are home? Secure all the doors and windows, cover all the sharp edges, cover the outlets, and so on.

Check utilities

After arriving in your new home for the first night at least you would probably want to rest. So before the move, make sure all of your utilities are working. Make sure that there is everything you will need on the day of the move, as well as afterward. So electricity, water, heat and so on. You can also transfer your wi-fi by calling your provider and explaining the situation. As this is something highly important it’s no wonder it’s on the must-dos when moving into a new home list.

Organize cleaning

After buying your home before moving one of the must-dos when moving into a new home is cleaning it. You can either clean the home yourself or contact long distance movers Los Angeles, and look into cleaning services. It’s easier to clean before moving than to wait till the day of the move. Or to clean while being surrounded by boxes.

Arrange your documents

After moving you will also have to change your documents.  Some must-dos when moving into a new home are actually outside the home. When you move, and your residence address changes then you will need to fix that. You will need to change your address in all of your documents and subscriptions.

Travel documents
Following a move, there are many things that need to be done. Like changing your address in all documents you own.

Check the plumbing, electricity, and other

If installing a cooling system is one of your must-dos when moving into a new home, do it before the move. As most of the work is done by licensed professionals you might not have a lot to do. But the work can sometimes make a mess. And the cleaning part is on you. One thing you can do to help is clean out the outside part of the house, where the air conditioning will be stationed.

Check the plumbing and locate your water shutoff valve. This is useful in cases when you need to shut down water for the whole home. Why is this one of the must-dos when moving into a new home? Well simply because if you decide to change the plumbing or to renovate something you might need your water turned off. And knowing where it is beforehand is helpful. In most homes that are located in cold climate areas, the water shutoff valve is usually located in the house. This way it is safe from freezing.

Exactly like the water shutoff valve is important, so is the electrical panel. In some cases, there is a need to turn off the electricity. And that’s when people look for the usually gray metal box. In that box is a switch for the power in the house. Don’t worry even though it’s best to keep your kids far from it, the dangerous things are kept behind one more steel cover.

Attics and crawlspaces

If you have just bought a new home, especially if it is a house built some time ago you need to inspect the attic and crawlspace. Why is this one of the must-dos when moving into a new home? Well because these are the places, where all kinds of insects build their nests. As well as the places most prone to mold and leaks. These are all problems that need to be solved quickly in order to prevent further complications.

Guy sitting in an attick room
Sometimes when people clean out attics they get inspired and make a small room for relaxing or a workroom.

Do not skip the yard

How can you move into a home and relax if your yard is a mess? One of the biggest benefits of a house is exactly the yard. It’s a perfect space to let your children play without worrying that something might happen. So before moving in you could clean it. Cut the grass, and pull the weeds out. If there are flowers you can refresh them, or even plant new ones. But if you don’t want to take care of flowers you can always opt for other plants that are decorative but don’t need your care.

Install swings and slides or other toys your children might have. Also if it’s summer a pool or trampoline are nice options as well. This way after moving in, you don’t have to worry and unpack peacefully while your kids play in the yard. It’s also a nice option for pets. Your dog can sunbathe in the yard while you unpack.

Meet new people

It may not seem that way to you at the beginning due to being tired from the move and unpacking. But once you settle in a little you will see the charm of a new place. The chance to explore when moving into a new home is exciting! New places to see and new people to meet. It sounds so nice, doesn’t it? So, use residential moving companies Los Angeles CA, move to your new home stress-free, and meet your neighbors.

People that usually choose where to move do it for a reason. New work, better pays, being closer to someone, and so on. The must-dos when moving into a new home contain everything even your social life. Meet your new neighbors, talk to more people, and go out. Don’t just sit at home alone and not socialize. If you previously used climate controlled storage Los Angeles or any other type of storage for your items like for example a grill – go pick them up! And make a move-in party where you can invite your neighbors and meet them.

Is moving stressful?

Of course, moving is full of stress. From the very beginning when you are choosing your new home, to calling moving companies Orange County, till you finish all of the must-dos when moving into a new home, and final you move in. There is barely any time to relax. Especially if you are a single parent or a student. There are times when you have to take time off for yourself as well. Don’t let the process of moving swallow you.

A stressed out woman
Moving can be stressful, but with good organization, it can be smooth as well.

Sometimes even though it’s more expensive hiring professional movers is the best idea. But even then you have to be careful. Make sure the company you contact is legal. Look at all of the company info, as well as documents. There are many scams centered around the moving industry. But there are also many good companies that will make your life during the moving phase a lot easier.

There are many must-dos when moving into a new home. And different homes can have different problems that will need checking. If you live in a cold area, check your heat system, if it’s a hot area install a cooling one. And as such when moving into a new home look into all of the home details, even before purchasing it.

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