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Moving with seniors in Denver – how to prepare

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Moving with your seniors is always exciting, and a bit scary, time in your life. There are some special considerations for this particular task. Moving with seniors in Denver requires quite a bit of preparation if you want everything to go smoothly. You will definitely need the help of Colorado movers, so you can focus most of your efforts elsewhere. The good thing is that moving with seniors is quite similar to regular moving, so you can prepare accordingly. We are going to provide you with some things that you can do to make this whole process a lot easier and more enjoyable.

Moving with seniors in Denver – Useful tips

Here are some things that you might want to do before the move:

  • Have a lot of patience and understanding
  • Help your seniors to find a new place
  • Help them declutter
  • Get packing supplies and help your seniors pack
  • Inform the family and involve all of them in the moving process
  • Book professional mover in advance
daughter and mother
Arm yourself with patience and understanding.

Have a lot of patience and understanding

First of all, our seniors deserve all the patience and understanding that we can muster. True, sometimes it might get a bit too much, but you always need to try and remain calm. Your seniors lived in a different world than it is now and it might not be easy for them either. They may want to take all of their items with them, no matter if they can’t use them anymore, for example. In this case, the best option would be to consider one of the storage units Denver, so you can please them and not have the items clog your new home. What we are saying is that there will be a lot of problem-solving required when moving with seniors. That is just the way it is and you might as well accept it from the start.

Help your seniors to find a new place

If you are planning on having two separate homes once you relocate, you may want to help your elders find one that suits them. They may not be as mobile as you and can’t afford to visit too many places. If you can, you may want to visit those places instead of them. This is something that you may wish to do way before you even consider senior moving services. They deserve a good home and you may wish to do everything in your power to provide them with one.

map-pointing at one spot
Help your seniors to choose a nice new place!

Moving with seniors in Denver – Help them declutter

When dealing with seniors, decluttering may become a really hard topic. Some of the previous generations are veritable hoarders and they believe that everything might come useful one day. And they fill their homes with so much unnecessary stuff that you can’t put the necessary stuff in. In these cases, they will really need your help to declutter even for just a bit. You may also want to consider cleaning services after this, as many of these items will have a considerable amount of dust on them. Again, you need to be patient, understanding, but firm. Let them know that the more they carry with them, the higher the moving cost will be. That is sure to make them consider not taking a couple of things.

Additionally, you may also wish to hold a garage sale if you have a lot of items that will not be coming with you. Our seniors usually have items that are worth quite a bit to the right person, nowadays. Holding a garage sale during the pandemic might worry you a bit, with good reason, however. But if you take all the precautions, chances are everything is going to be just fine. Just don’t let your seniors be outside in the time of the sale, that is really an unnecessary risk.

Get packing supplies and help your seniors pack

Your relocation will need plenty of packing supplies like moving boxes and packing materials. Obtaining these is quite easy. For the moving boxes, simply visit your local stores and ask if you can have any. Visit enough stores and you will soon have all the boxes that you will need. The materials are somewhat trickier to get on the cheap. It may be simplest to just buy them from the store. But if you have time and energy for it, you can always try to find people that have recently moved. They will usually have some leftovers as everyone buys more packing stuff than they actually need.

Once it comes to packing, don’t let your seniors pack all their stuff on their own. The older generation is extremely hardy and durable and they think that they can do everything on their own. You may need to monitor them as they have a tendency to overdo it. That is just the way most seniors are. Let them pack some stuff, of course, but you need to do most of their packing. They worked long and hard to get them, and you, to where you are, it is the least that you can do. Yes, they can be difficult and they might shun your offers of help but you need to remain vigilant and help them as much as you can.

two people carrying moving boxes
Get necessary moving boxes and packing supplies and help your seniors to pack for the relocation.

Inform the family and involve all of them in the moving process

Speaking of packing and other things that you might need some help with, this is the perfect time to contact the rest of your family. They will want to be involved in something as big as relocating to another place. Give the chance to everyone who wishes to help (or to simply be there). This is the perfect time to deepen the family bonds or to mend some fences.

Moving with seniors in Denver – Book professional mover in advance

In order to ensure that you get a moving date that you want, it is always best to book movers as soon as you know you will be moving. Especially in the middle of moving season (which is summer). The earlier you book, the greater the chances are that you will be able to get that date that you want.

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