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Moving with pets to WA – avoid these common mistakes

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    A bond between pets and their humans is a very special and unbreakable one. The feeling when you come home after a long day at work and see your pet patiently waiting for you is irreplaceable. They have the power to make anything better with just their tail wagging or with cuddles. As they take care and shower you with love, you should also take special care when moving with pets to WA. When you are making a moving plan, you should include the needs of your pets. First, you need to hire one of the moving companies in Washington. After you find the best movers for your home, now it’s time for you to take care of your pet. 

    When moving with pets to WA, don’t forget to visit a vet 

    Before moving day arrives, you should make an appointment with your vet. Take your pet for a check-up, and to receive any vaccinations and treatments if needed. You can consult with a vet about possible relaxing medications or any doubts you have. The vet is the best ally along with professional movers Seattle when you need to move with a pet. 

    Your pet can easily wander off to somewhere due to all the stress caused by moving. For this reason, you should check if your contact information on your pet’s ID tags is correct. In case you still have not made one, you should definitely get it before the move. On the ID tag, you should have a pet’s name, your mobile number, and the city where you live. This is one of the essential ways to keep your pet safe. After the move, don’t forget to update it. 

    cat sitting on the table
    Take your pet to the vet to check its condition

    Find the best way for transportation 

    It’s less complicated if your move is local, and you can transport your pet in a car with you. However, if you hire long distance moving companies Seattle, that means you will have to find another way for transport. You should get a kennel or a carrier depending on the pet size. You can make it more comfortable by putting your pet’s favorite blanket and a toy inside. The kennel or carrier is also useful to keep your pet out of movers’ way. 

    The most common mistake is to pack all your pet’s items prematurely. This will only do damage as you will take away all familiar items from a pet in a stressful situation. It’s okay to find storage units Dupont WA for your belongings. But, keep your pet’s items in the house as long as you can. 

    dogs in the box
    Find a suitable mode of transport for your pets

    Making sure to prepare everything for your pets

    When you are moving with pets to WA, you should consider them as family members with needs and wants. Don’t forget that animals are also sensitive creatures, and they can be stressed just like you. To help your pet, you should do the following.

    • Pack an essential bag for your pet 
    • Take your pet to your family or friend’s home to avoid pressure from packing 
    • Stick with your rituals until the moving day and when you arrive in a new home 
    • Take time and be patient with your pet’s adjustment to a new home 

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