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Moving to LA from Seattle with ease

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Relocating between states is no mean feat. The fact of the matter is that most people choose to go with a moving company to assist them in this endeavor. The best thing you can do in order to make your move easier is to hire a moving company that specializes in a particular area, like Los Angeles Transfer and Storage specializes in Los Angeles. That being said, there are a lot more things to do if you are moving to LA from Seattle. This article is going to present you with some tips and good practices for your interstate move.

How to prepare for moving to LA from Seattle?

Here is the list of things that you may want to consider when moving state-to-state:

  • Save money on your move – Set a moving budget
  • Create an ultimate moving checklist when moving to LA from Seattle
  • Declutter and donate items you don’t want to move
  • Gather moving boxes and necessary packing supplies
  • Hire professional packing services when moving to LA from Seattle
Determine your moving budget!

Save money on your move – Set a moving budget

The first thing you need to do is to create a moving budget. You will be tempted to spend more than you might be willing to and having a set budget will prevent that. There are a lot of expenses that you can expect in a relocation over such distances. If you are going with a moving company, you will want to know how many services you can afford. In the case of office relocations, you may want to work with commercial movers Seattle to see what kind of expenses you can expect. You may also want to consider storage, packing materials and services, and so on.

You will be presented with many choices, some more expensive and more convenient than others. By having a set budget, you will be able to figure out which ones you can fit into it. If you don’t create a budget ahead of time, you will simply spend more time looking at and discussing various solutions that might not fit into what you can afford. And you will need all the time that you can get. Creating a moving budget is the smart thing to do, is all.

Create an ultimate moving checklist when moving to LA from Seattle

Relocations have about a million or so “moving pieces”. You will need to perform many tasks, make a lot of calls, and so on. It is easy to get lost and forget what you’ve already done and what you yet need to do. That is where a moving checklist comes in. This simple document will have all your tasks, such as hiring residential movers Seattle, notifying your utility companies, calling everyone who needs to know that you are moving, and much more. You are going to check off each task as you complete it.

This document is a moving staple for a reason. Aside from being an immense help in organizing, it will also help you mentally, as well. Checking off a task is quite satisfying and will provide you with a sense of accomplishment. True, you might feel a bit daunted once you see how many tasks there is, at first. However, as days pass and you complete tasks, you are going to feel more and more motivated. Remember to write down every task in it, no matter how big or small.

Make plans and create a moving checklist at least two months in advance.

Declutter and donate items you don’t want to move

And one of your tasks is going to be figuring out what things are going with you. The more things you leave behind, the cheaper and easier your move will be. And you will have a greater sense of which moving services Seattle you will need after it is done. The best way to go about decluttering is to involve the whole household in it. Items that may seem insignificant to one person might be of utmost importance to another. However, you do need to apply common sense and logic. If you have newer stuff, or you haven’t used your items in years, perhaps it is time to let go of them?

Once you finish with this process, there is the question of what to do with all those items. You can either make a garage sale or otherwise sell them, donate them, or simply throw them away. Depending on the quality and condition of your items, they will all go into one of those three categories. If you wish to donate your items, make sure to check out the places where you can donate items and what their regulations are. Most organizations will accept only items in good condition, however. But you can sleep easy, knowing that your items made a difference in someone else’s life.

Gather moving boxes and necessary packing supplies

Your items will be going on a long trek across the states. They need to be properly packed and you will need moving boxes and packing supplies. The easiest way is to simply go to a store that sells them and buy them right there and then. But if you want to save a bit of money on these supplies, you can visit your local convenience stores and try to find people that have moved recently. Most people usually buy more than they need and have plenty left over that they might be willing to sell, at a cheaper rate. You can also call your Seattle movers and ask for advice on where to find the stuff.

Gather moving boxes and start packing!

Hire professional packing services when moving to LA from Seattle

Finally, packing your items for such a long trip is going to require some knowledge and experience. If you don’t have any, do not worry. You can always hire professional packing services from a moving company. Yes, it will make a dent in your moving budget but it really is the way to go in interstate moves. However, if you have confidence in your abilities, you can always do the packing process on your own. It is just that handing this task off to the professionals will ensure the maximum safety of your items while in transport. You will also have a lot more free time on your hands, to use as you please.

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