Moving Tips

Moving Tips

Los Angeles Transfer provides the following MOVING TIPS to help you with your transition: Garage Sale/Ebay & Donate Unwanted Items
a. After you inventory unwanted items, set-up date for garage sale. Determine what items of value you can sell in advance on Ebay and/or donate if unsold.
b. Determine what clothes you can donate in advance to a local charity (i.e. Good Will, etc.)
c. Determine what books you want to keep, donate and sell at garage sale.
d. Contact local places to donate items not sold to set-up pick-up (i.e. Salvation Army, half-way houses, etc.)

Removing prohibited items
a. Empty fuel from all gas-powered equipment including lawn mowers, gas blowers, clippers, trimmers, etc.
b. Get rid of flammable materials safely including paint, gas, petrol, etc.

Assess all household items
a. Determine if all items are in good working order
b. Determine what you can donate and/or sell at garage sale
c. Locate original boxes for household items such as stereos, etc.
d. Defrost freezer and clean out refrigerator

Change of address
a. Make your change of address list including DMV, credit cards, bills, etc.
b. Have your mailed forwarded through Post Office

a. Determine move out date and contact all utilities to finalize termination date at old address (including electricity, gas, phone, internet, etc.)

New Home
a. Determine move in date at new address and arrange for utilities to be connected/turned on b. Arrange for temporary storage of your moved items if your move out and move in dates need to be coordinated c. Do reconnaissance on your new neighborhood and city. Find out about shops, schools, theatres, lifestyles, etc. Have rugs and drapes professional steam cleaned.

Personal Items
a. If you have children, separate and pack cherished toys desired for travel.
b. Locate and Pack collectively all official documentation including marriage certificates, birth certificates, vaccination records, passports, identifications, etc. Check all official documentation such as ids, driving licenses and passports for expiration.

a. Determine if you have to close and/or transfer your bank accounts to a local branch near your new home. Make necessary arrangements.
Pets - Determine that your pet vaccinations are up to date and that you have all necessary documentation