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Moving tips for college students in CA

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When we decide it’s time to move, we usually pay a lot of attention to our circumstances. Depending on them we can easily come to the conclusion if the move will be hard or well less hard. The people that have it the hardest during the moving process are usually single parents, the elderly, and students. Depending on the circumstances moving tips for college students in CA can change. Are you moving to college and living in the dorm? Did you rent an apartment near? Or maybe you rented a room in someone’s house? The easiest way to go around all of the stress of moving is to hire any full service movers Los Angeles has to offer.

Why do students pick colleges far from home?

Well, this is a question that usually has many answers. This depends from person to person. It is true though that most of the students do pick colleges and unis in other towns. At their age, they don’t really want to live with their parents. They just finished high school, and feel like they have grown. The feeling of wanting to be independent is slowly growing. And so they pick a college further away.

Two students talking about moving tips for college students in CA
If you already know some students, you can ask them for some moving tips for college students in CA. There is nothing better than listening to someone who recently went through the same experience.

It is debatable if a student can have a full college life experience if he still lives with his parents. Some go as far as to go to different countries. Although some do it due to the college prestige, most do it because of the distance. Many students are moving to Hawaii from California in order to enjoy student life in paradise. Some don’t do it in order to leave home. They go to colleges for their reputation, professors, later job offers, and so on. But what are some good moving tips for college students in CA?

Where will you live?

For starters, when you pick the university and if you pass and get a spot congratulations! Now you only have the task of moving ahead of you. And that’s exactly where our moving tips for college students in CA start. But before you contact any movers and look into the services like moving boxes Los Angeles, you need to decide something else. Where do you want to live? The place you choose will be your new home potentially until you finish college. And depending on the location and type of accommodation you will need to fit your move accordingly.

  • Dorms – This is usually the top pick for students. But depending on the university regulations not everyone can get in. Some colleges and universities offer dorms only to a certain number of students. And in order to get into a dorm, you need to have certain grades. Others work by looking at where the students live. And finally, some offer accommodation to anyone who can pay for it.
  • Renting a house/apartment – This is also one of the more popular choices students make. Although this can sometimes be tricky. Not everyone can find a place close to the university. Due to high demand and the prices many students pick places a little further.
  • Renting a room – This may be the least popular option and is not something we advise. Unless you rent something with roommates, try and avoid living with strangers in their homes.

    People in a dorm room
    What tends to happen in colleges is room sharing. There is a certain number of dorm rooms available. And people get roommates. The number of roommates depends on the college policies. But those roommates might become your lifelong friends.

Decide what to pack

Before you set off to college you need to decide what to pack. Why is this one of the moving tips for college students in CA? Well because the things you should pack will depend on where you will live. Naturally, if you live in a dorm the accommodations are small. So the amount of items you can fit in the room is not that big. In this situation, you should only pack clothes and essentials. But if you decide to rent an apartment it’s a whole other story.

We suggest before moving in the apartment you first call one of the many cleaning services Los Angeles has to offer. This way you will be sure you are moving into a clean environment. And will save you a lot of time. For the apartment, you will need to pack a lot more things. If it’s not even furnished you will need to buy furniture and decorate it as well.

Moving and shipping

When talking about moving tips for college students in CA, the moving method you choose plays a big role. If you have many things to move be sure that you reserve moving quotes Los Angeles on time. There are many people moving. And that makes it harder for you to find the perfect company that will be free. Unless you buck it on time.

One way to go around it is to ship your items before moving to LA. This is ideal for saving money, but can only be done if you don’t have a lot of luggage. But this way your items will arrive fast and with minimal effort. What can be better for that? A nice option as well is to ask your family and friends for help. They can maybe help you move items by yourself.

Shipping trucks
Sure shipping is nice and affordable. But only if you don’t have many items. You cant expect to ship large pieces of furniture and for it to be cheap. If you decide to ship your items make sure they are smaller, nicely packed, and not that heavy.

Be careful how you pack

This might be one of the moving tips for college students in CA, but at the same time, it’s something we recommend to anyone moving. Be careful when you pack! We fully understand that some people don’t want to spend money on professional help. And even though that sometimes has certain risks we understand. But then at least be careful of the way you pack. Buy all of the packing supplies and be extra careful. Labels come a long way when packing as well.

Be sure that you wrap carefully all the breakables. Separate your expensive and important items into one box and have it close to you. All the boxes should be the right size! If the box is too big the items will move and potentially break. But at the same time if it’s too small then you won’t be able to add protective layers.

We understand some people want to save money. But is moving and packing really one of the things you should cut corners on? Moving services Los Angeles will offer you great help, and more importantly insurance! The plus side of moving companies is the safety and insurance that comes with them. This means that if something were to be lost or broken you will be compensated.

The best thing about using moving services is that there is one for anything! From cleaning to packing, moving art, moving pianos as well as furniture movers Los Angeles has everything! Just name what you need and you will find it.

Packing with friends
Get your friends to help you with packing, it’ll make the dreaded task much less aweful.

Packing is slow and tiring. But can be better if there is someone to help you! While packing be careful and make sure everything is secured and wrapped properly.

Unpacking is a must

How can we talk about moving tips for college students in CA without mentioning unpacking? Don’t be lazy. Unpack as soon as you can. First, start from important university items, and then switch to other items. There is no need to hurry. Although we do think the sooner you finish it the better. You will have plenty of time to familiarize yourself with your surroundings and people. But if you wait for later, there is a chance you will live in a mess for days.

Many movers in Burbank CA will be more than happy to help you move. But will you be happy living in a mess? No. Especially if the semester starts and you can find your items.

Looking after your mental health is one of the best moving tips for college students in CA

This is not only one of our moving tips for college students in CA. This is also one of the life advice we want to give to students. From the moment you get into your desired university, and contact movers Orange County till the day you graduate. Student life is said to be the best time of our lives. Filled with new experiences, it’s a time when we meet our lifelong friends and partners. This is also where our future careers are shaped. A lot of life opportunities intertwine with parties making the whole experience unforgettable.

Woman runing in the sunset
Make sure that from time to time you have some time for yourself. Use it to run, listen to music, read a book, etc. Anything that will help you relax and feel better. Don’t downplay the importance it has. It will be a big help during your student life.

But what most people forget is that university life is full of stress. Although stress is pretty common as it happens in every challenging situation we face, it usually doesn’t last long. But college is a completely different thing. Especially around exams and projects. One thing you can do for yourself is to take care of yourself. There are many signs our body gives us to inform us of its condition.

  • irritable
  • anxious
  • lack of enjoyment
  • a lot of worries

In these situations, you may start sleeping less and less. Followed by biting nails or picking your skin. Your concentration will be at an all-time low. Which will make you stress even more due to not being able to study. Along with that, your patience will be drained. So arguments will be present as well. You see how everything spirals? Don’t close your eyes and neglect yourself.

Spend time with your family

Moving tips for college students in CA are not only for the moving itself.  One of our tips is to spend more time with your loved ones. Once you move and the team starts you will have to put all of your time and effort into learning and classes. Not to mention that you can’t travel to your house all the time. So there will be times when you can’t see them for months at a time. So before the move try and be there for them more. Not only family but friends as well. Make barbeque and invite everyone over! Or call them over to play some games and have some refreshments. Just make sure everyone is there and having fun!

A family sitting together and searching for moving tips for college students in CA
You can make a little get-together and invite all of your loved ones before you leave. This way you will all be together, having fun.

Sell or donate things you don’t need

Like we said before when moving many students have things they leave behind. Usually, those are items they no longer need or use. So what is the purpose of keeping them? Exactly. None. Another one of our moving tips for college students in CA is to sell or donate those items. There are no benefits if you just let them be. Selling them will give you at least some pocket money. And donating them will give you a nice feeling, as well as the opportunity to help the less fortunate. You can always get something you need. But we highly doubt that things you never used will now miraculously find a purpose.

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